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Bringing History To Life…Sort Of

Have you ever looked at a picture of some historical event and thought, “gee, this would just be so much more entertaining if these pictures moved!” If you have, then you’ve either just completed a Harry Potter marathon (of books, movies, or both), or you visit the Internet so regularly that Gifs are just now a common part of your life.

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Friday Video: Lie Witness News – Fashion Week Edition

Fashion can be like a revolving door of names and trends. One season it’s all about pastels and the next your eyes are buggin out because now neons are in fashion. And, as we’ve learned from endless marathons of Project Runway, one day you’re in and the next you’re out!

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Facebook Is At It Again

There are certain things that we look forward to each week. There are the shows that we watch on a regular basis, that feeling of finally welcoming the weekend on a Friday night, and, of course, the much anticipated news from Facebook. Seriously! It just wouldn’t be a normal week if there wasn’t some new feature or testing happening over in social media land!

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Wednesday Wonder: The Selfie Brush

The struggle is real, and it’s a struggle thousands face on a daily basis. It’s a struggle that requires time and effort to overcome. What is that struggle, you ask? Achieving the perfect selfie. It’s no small task choosing the right outfit, getting our hair just so, and finding the perfect light, all so we can grace Instagram with our photo. #nofilter #whoarewekidding #filter!

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It’s Like A Pasta Paradise!

When it comes to shopping or eating out, we’re all about getting our monies worth. We’ll bring along coupons, take advantage of special offers, and make a fourth trip through the buffet line even though we’re ready to explode! Hey, we paid for it so we’re taking advantage of it until we can no longer move. And that’s why Olive Garden’s new promotion was right up a lot of people’s alleys.

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