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Wait, This Library Seems To Be Missing Something

When it comes to libraries, they all have one thing in common…creepy silence. No wait, that’s not it. Comfy chairs…wait, that still doesn’t seem right. OH, we know! If there’s one thing all libraries have in common, it’s books! Books upon books filled with so much knowledge, our brain would probably explode if we read it all!

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And The New Apple Product Is...A Baby? 

If you like Apple products and babies, you’ll love Jonathan Henry. No, he’s not the inventor of Apple’s latest i-Whatever. Jonathan Henry is just a little guy with a very proud and very creative papa. And by “little,” we mean tiny; Jonathan’s only 20.47 inches tall, but already he’s got his own website, which may look familiar to all you iPad mini owners out there.

Check it out.

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Let The Great Dollar Hunt Begin

What’s one thing that everyone loves? Food, especially some tasty Mexican food! What’s one other thing everyone loves? Free money! Put those two things together, and you would make any human being on this planet the happiest person ever. Now, put those two things together and turn it into a treasure hunt of sorts and sounds like the plot of the latest reality TV show.

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Friday Video: No More Siblings For This Child

Listen, whether you want a child or not, you’ve got to admit that they’re pretty cute! How can you resist those cubby baby cheeks and wide grins? How can you resist that infectious laughter? Bottom line, you can’t!

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When the check engine light comes on in our car, we do what any sane person would do; we freak out. My car is going to explode! There’s no other possible explanation for that light on the dashboard! Goodbye, cruel world! Then, of course, the mechanic tells us it’s just time for an oil change or something else non-life threatening. But how were we to know that’s what that little light meant?

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