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In A Nutshell, It’s A Must-Have

Have you ever been at home or work and just decided that you’re done with the world? People are annoying, you’re tired, and you just want to crawl into your little shell for a while. You just need a solid 15 minutes to recharge your batteries and prepare to face the world again. You know what we’re talking about!

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Friday Video: Text Me Merry Christmas

Yes, we know Thanksgiving hasn’t happened yet and so we shouldn’t be listing to Christmas music…the bird deserves its moment in the sun too…but, we just couldn’t help ourselves! We’ve finally got a modern Christmas song that’s sure to be the anthem of a whole bunch of relationships out there.

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Buckle Your Seatbelts, Everybody

Even if it only lasted for an hour, we all wish we had the ability to time travel. You know you couldn’t pass up the chance to go back in time, check out the clothes, see how people lived, and maybe meet a few famous people or two. However, unfortunately for us, the Delorean has yet to be invented, so there’s no leaving the 21st century.

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And POOF, It’s Gone!

Even if you’re texting back and forth with your very best friend in the whole entire world, the one you would trust with all your secrets, there are still those times where you think…”should I have sent that?” You send that ranting text message about your boyfriend, friend, or whoever, and instantly you wish you had a time machine so you could unsend that message. Only bad can come from the message you just sent.

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Friday Video: Trolling Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune

Everyone loves a good game show. You get a strange sense of accomplishment every time you can guess that puzzle on Wheel of Fortune or answer a Jeopardy question right. In the form of a question, naturally. But, do you think contestants on Wheel of Fortune ever get bored?

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