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It’s The Wetsuit Suit

We’ve seen some strange things on the Internet. Crazy inventions, videos that leave us scratching our heads, and news stories that just seem far too crazy to be real. So, when we heard about this outfit, we really weren’t surprised to learn that it is, in fact, 100% real.

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Friday Video: Babies Watch the Star Wars Trailer

Hopefully by now you’ve watched, and probably rewatched, the new Star Wars trailer. And, if you’re anything like us, you’re now just a bucket of feelings. Seriously, if you didn’t feel anything when Chewy and Han Solo showed up again, then clearly you need to go back and rewatch the trailer another dozen times!

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The Table That Assembles Itself

We can all agree that new furniture is always nice. Who doesn’t love a nice new table to help spice up that boring living room? But, as with most pieces of furniture, a new table might require a little assembly upon arrival. A few screws here, maybe some nails there…no big deal, right? Oh, if only that were true.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Moscase

As we all know, most phone case are just that – phone cases. They don’t really do anything special besides hopefully save your phone from that gut-wrenching possibility of having your screen shatter into a million pieces. And really, isn’t that all we truly need?

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The Force Is Strong With This Tweet

We have a confession to make. We have an unhealthy obsession, and it’s just time to come clean. That’s right. We have an unhealthy obsession…with emoji. We just can’t stop using those little silly faces and fun icons! What better way is there to have a conversation then by sending an entire string of pictures and faces? It’s like turning a conversation into a riddle that other person has to solve!

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