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Wednesday Wonder: The Pavlok

Even if you took the most basic psychology class that could ever be offered, you probably heard about Pavlov’s dogs. He was able to condition dogs to behave a certain way by using a bell every time they were fed. Fast forward about 100 years, and it’s the same idea behind a shock collar for your pet today. Put on the shock collar, they get shocked when they do some bad habit like try to leave the yard, and eventually they get the idea that leaving the yard equals a nice little zappy zap.

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This Is One McDonald’s Burger We’re Not Lovin’!

We all know that fast food chains are always trying to one-up each other. If McDonald’s has some great meal offer you can take advantage of, Burger King comes storming around the corner with an equally awesome offer for 5 cents cheaper. That’s just the name of the game, folks! And the same goes for anything new introduced into the world of food we shouldn’t actually be eating. One new burger hits one store, another is bound to follow from the competition.

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It’s Time for A Little Scientific Testing!

Unless you’ve locked yourself in your home, without any sort of connection to the outside world, then you’re probably aware that Apple finally released their two brand new phones. But, like anything new, this newest launch hasn’t been the smoothest ride. There were issues with the latest iOS update and almost as soon phones started flying off the shelves, reports naturally began flooding the Internet with everything that’s wrong with the new phones.

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Apparently There Is Something That Can Stop The Postal Service

Most people trust the postal service to be pretty reliable. Rain, sleet, snow, hail…hey, if you’ve got a package that needs delivered then they’ve got you covered! And, the postal service in Canada is no different. They’ll do what they can to get that package delivered to your door, but there’s apparently one thing that can and will stop them!

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Friday Video: Derek Jeter Does It One More Time

Even if you don’t follow baseball, you’ve probably heard of Derek Jeter. He’s basically molded himself into a baseball legend that’s sure to be talked about for years to come. And, Thursday night, Jeter played his very last game a Yankee Stadium, where it all started 20 years ago!

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