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Retail sites have a rough road ahead - searches start on

Here's one of our 'well, that's obvious' posts but more and more retail sites are having a rough time trying to get shoppers to go directly to their site.  

This is a daunting enough task with so much noise out there - let alone face the growing reality, more people start their product searches on Amazon than ever before. 

Duh, yeah we know but still a gloomy trend for smaller sites and larger ones, even Etsy because if you make or list hand made items - guess what? . . .Amazon has entered that game too with their new 'Hand Made' division - directly taking on Etsy.

So, personalization is of course the key and for great sites like  The Grommet they not only do an amazing job curating offers - they peronalize he experience too.

But, wait sorry to burst your bubble - yeah you guessed it Amazon’s new storefront, Launchpad, takes on The Grommet  (Amazon's 'Launchpad'). The Founder of The Grommet stated: "nearly a quarter of the entrepreneurs featured on the new site [Amazon's Launchpad] overlap with her own."

 'Shop Local' - 'Small Business Saturday' etc  - nice thoughts but no match for the 800lb gorilla from Seattle.

From Internet Retailer: “Retailers are having a harder time getting you to go direct to them,” Kaufman says. “This has to do, I’m sure, with the amount of noise in the market. Every technique that you have to engage a customer is easily copied.”

So, what to do? Try to be different, personalize as much as you can and make your site's experience unique and authentic with a hint of "We're not _____."

. . .until next time, Team

Synergy starts now: Bezos' Washington Post Free for 6 months for Prime Members

 So, that overused buzzword Synery comes into play with Jeff Bezos' dinaosaur acquisiton, the Washington Post.

Prime Members can get six months for free.

The upside: after the six months, Washington Post subscriptions will still be cheap for Prime subscribers.  If you are a Prime subscriber, you will get the 'National Digital Edition' (website content & app) for free, for the first six months and then $3.99 per month after the free period.

. . .some WireJacked math: that's like 63% off.

Downside (if you are not a fan of conglomerates): that Synergy thing again - it can't be long before the WP is more than just a news source.  Like feel good stories about some local shoemaker next to an ad for Zappos (also owned by Amazon).

Source: The Verge



It’s Time To Dust Off Those Solitaire Skills

Listen, everyone has done it. You’re sitting at your desk, there’s a lull in work or you just need to give your brain a rest for a while, so you move that cursor over until it’s hovering above the solitaire button. Did you click? Do you play a quick little game, just for a refresh of the old brain? Of course you do! 45 minutes later, you realize it’s probably time to get back to work.

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Friday Video: David Letterman’s Last Top 10

We've now seen the end of an era. David Letterman’s run on the Late Show has come to an end, and I think everyone can agree that it’ll be a little strange not to see him on that show every night. And, to celebrate his departure, he naturally had a star-studded final show with a Top 10 we can all appreciate.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Every Morning? Yes Please!

We’re coffee addicts. We can’t start our day without at least one cup of coffee and we usually have at least 10 more cups throughout the day. Ok, maybe 10 is pushing it, but you get the idea. And, our favorite type of coffee is the fresh kind. We can just smell that aroma now! The only problem is a fresh bag of ground coffee only stays fresh for so long, and we lack the skills to roast our own beans at home!

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