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Buy A Video Game And Hire A Plumber All With Amazon

If you’re looking to buy something, you probably make your way over to Amazon to have a look at what they offer. Maybe you go just to read the comments and reviews, or maybe you go with the actual intent of buying. Either way, Amazon is on your bookmark bar and probably listed under your “frequently visited” sites.

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Here Come The Personalized Emoji

We all love using emoji every once in a while. We might not be the kind to craft an entire story out of the little pictures, but they do sure add a little something to those texting conversations. They do say a picture is worth a thousand words after all, and what better way to say “I love you” then an emoji with heart eyes?

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Friday Video: Dark Lord Funk

When a song truly takes off on the radio, it’s usually played to the point where we’re hearing it in our dreams. Suddenly it’s our anthem, and we’re dancing in our seat to the song…even when it’s not playing! But, one other thing that happens is an unending stream of parodies! Seriously, how many ways can people remake one song?

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The App That Gets You One Step Closer To The Past

If you wanted to learn about the past, you probably have some tried and true methods for getting information. There’s Google, of course, as well as relatives, pictures, and other documents you can track down. But, none of those really put you in the middle of history. Well…at least until we get Google Time Machine or something.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Magzet

It seems like every time we wear headphones, we sometimes tend to forget that they’re there. We’ll get up to go get something, turn our head to react to something, or just have sudden movements that send our headphones and devices crashing to the floor. That not only hurts our ears, but gives us brief moments on panic thinking we’ve just destroyed our iPhone.

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