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Friday Video: Celebrities Accept The Challenge

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, or have even just been on the Internet in general, then you’ve probably seen your fair share of Ice Bucket Challenge videos. We’ve seen family, friends, celebrities, and strangely even a bottle of nail polish take on the challenge.

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I Will Not Be Ignored! 

As children grow, they’re given new freedoms and new responsibilities. Eventually they get a phone, their curfews become later, and they’re free to hang out with their friends. But then, that dreaded day comes when all the freedom goes to their heads, and instead of hitting answer, they hit ignore when their parents call. BIG. MISTAKE.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Noke Padlock

There are plenty of times where you probably have to use some kind of lock to keep your stuff safe. You lock your storage locker in your apartment building, you lock your bike if you need to leave it somewhere, and plenty of other situations were sure you can figure out for yourself. But, if you drop your key down a storm drain or suddenly have a brain drain and forget your combination, well, you’ve got a problem!

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My Car Has Its Eye On You

Your car, no matter how old or worn out it may be, is your pride and joy! You don’t just hand over the keys to someone lightly. Now, imagine if your car is new and shiny. Someone would probably have to pry the keys out of your hands before they were even able to sit in the driver seat, let alone actually drive it!

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Don’t Believe Everything On The Internet! 

We all know that the Internet is 100% truthful. Every, single thing you read is going to be filled with facts that have been triple-checked and then checked again! Come on, it’s the Internet. No one would ever think to lie or make jokes or try and be funny! NOT!

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