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Wednesday Wonder: First Opinion App

Remember the last time you were feeling under the weather? You probably did one of two things. You either went to the doctor to get a real, medical opinion or you decided to completely freak yourself out by entering your symptoms into WebMD. You’ve either got a cold or have contracted a rare, deadly virus. Those sniffles are awfully suspicious…

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Amazon Is Now Even More Of A One-Stop-Shop

Everyone knows that Amazon is the go-to place for just about everything you could possibly need. They’ve got jewelry, books, movies, tech gadgets, clothes… You can even buy makeup and groceries from Amazon! But, clearly being the retail giant they are and selling everything under the sun just isn’t enough. There are untapped markets of potential and Amazon is just itching to get their hands on it!

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Say Bye Bye To The Dreaded Blowout

During these hot, summer months, most people like to set their toes free and enjoy a little flip flop action! Those flip flops then become your go-to shoe of choice, perfect for just about every activity you do. Going to the beach? Flip flops. Running some errands? Flip flops. Going out on a date? Fancy, bedazzled flip flops. See, they’re perfect for everything!

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It’s Time To Prepare For Battle

Summer is a time for activities we normally can’t enjoy during other times of the year. Pool parties, laying out under the sun, and enjoying the day at the beach are just a few of the choice activities you’re probably partaking in. But, if you have some pent-up aggression, might we suggest another summer activity? Slip on your flip flops and get your arm ready because it’s time for a water balloon fight!

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Friday Video: Morgan Freeman…That’s All You Need To Know

When we were kids, the place to be was a birthday party! You were hanging out with your friends, munching on some pizza or other delicious party food, and topping it all off with some cake and a “thanks for coming” goodie bag. But, the only thing that made a birthday party better was when it was your own, and not because of all the free stuff gifts you got!

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