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Wednesday Wonder: The iCalmDog

There’s probably quite a few of us who have a canine companion at home. Some of us might have brand new puppies filled with puppy energy and others might have older dogs who would much rather chill on the couch than play fetch. But, no matter the age of your four-legged friend, they all share one thing in common and that’s their own fair share of anxiety.

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That’s Not Santa In Your Chimney

There are not many things that we expect to come down our chimney. No…scratch that. There’s one thing that were told can come down the chimney and that’s Santa Claus. He’s more than welcome to make an appearance on Christmas Eve, but every other night of the year…well, the chimney is off limits.

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Welcome To The Smart Age, Carry-On Luggage

We’ve all heard the horror stories of luggage at the airport. Things getting lost, damaged, stolen, and who knows what else! That’s why our biggest traveling nightmares always involve our luggage. We wake up screaming because we’ve just had yet another horrific dream about having to spend our entire vacation in the sweats we wore to the airport! Oh, the horror!

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Worst Nightmare Or The Greatest Thing Ever!

In the grand scheme of things, there aren’t too many places where we’d happily get locked inside. However, there’s definitely a list of retail prisons where we would happily spend a few trapped hours. Target, for example, has everything you could ever need for the rest of our lives! We’re pretty sure we would just voluntarily live there, even if the doors were wide open.

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Friday Video: Epic Commercial Break Handshake

If you’re like us, you use that 5 minutes of commercial time during the news to do various small tasks. You might check your email, go on Facebook, or grab a drink. Either way, you probably don’t just sit there and absent-mindedly stare at the TV. Or maybe you do, there’s no judging here. But, while you’re doing whatever is that you do during those commercials, have you ever stopped to think about the anchors?

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