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Now Your Furniture Can Charge Your Phone

We’re never far from our mobile devices. Phones, tablets, MP3 players, you name it, we probably have at least one of those on our person at all times. Some call it obsessive…and that’s probably a good name for it. But, that’s just the world we live in now! So, grab those devices, make sure you keep a charging cable within 5 feet at all times, and prepare for a life of cables everywhere.

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Making Old Things New With A Touch Of Nerd

Everyone knows that when it comes to thrift stores, you’re going to find more old stuff than you are new. And, most of that old stuff really can’t be salvaged into “hipster chic” clothing or accessories. Take, for example, home wares. You can probably find painting after painting after painting of fruit…but most people aren’t really looking for a lovely bowl of oranges to grace their walls.

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Friday Video: Shredding On The Guitar And The Waves

When it comes to surfing and playing the guitar, we’re good at…well, we’re not good at either of them! Sure, we’d love to have one of those talents, but we’d wind up in the water more than we’d be on the board and our ability to play the guitar would just be embarrassing.

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At Least You Can Profit From All That Snow

Remember back in 2014 when we could see this stuff called grass? No? We don’t either! It’s been far too long since we’ve felt comforting warmth or have been able to come in the house without banging off 10 inches of snow from our boots. In fact, we’re pretty sure we all somehow wound up in the Arctic without any of us actually knowing it.

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Wednesday Wonder: The Martin Jetpack

It’s now 2015 and there are a few, select inventions that we’re still missing in our lives. Look, Back to the Future told us we’d have hoverboards by now and we want our hoverboards! However, considering that kind of technology will take more than just a skateboard, some duct tape, and a few engines, we’re probably still going to have to wait a while for that one. Jetpacks, however, well that’s a different story.

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