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The Emoji Keyboard Is Getting A Makeover

Anyone who has ever had an iPhone knows that when it came to keyboards, you had exactly two options. You could either use the plain jane keyboard and type out every, single word or you could spice up your conversation with a fun emoji every now and again. But, here’s the thing with that emoji keyboard. It wasn’t being used to its full potential!

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Maybe It’ll Taste Different When It’s Not 30,000 Feet Up

Nothing beats exploring the world of food while you travel. There are so many new restaurants to try, new food to discover, and new tastes to explore. It’s just too bad that all those tasty food excursions have to be sandwiched in between the meals we get on the airplane while we’re trying to get to our destination! Nothing like a frozen meal that’s somehow slightly worse than frozen meals.

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No One’s Going To Mess With This Neighborhood Watch

We’ve all driven through local neighborhoods and have seen those neighborhood watch signs. But really, what do those signs actually do? Sure, maybe if we were a bad guy, we might be deterred and go elsewhere to do our bad guy stuff, but that’s only a maybe. Neighborhood watch could equal a grumpy person sitting on their porch with a hose, yelling at us to get off their lawn for all we know.

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Friday Video: The Trucker’s Hitch Music Video

One year ago, the world was blessed with a brand new song to drive everyone up the wall. We all sang it until we literally couldn’t stand it anymore. Seriously, even just the intro had us scrambling to change the station! But now, from the same group that brought us “What Does The Fox Say”, comes a brand new song to tickle our musical taste buds.

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Because Facebook Is Just Far Too “Ordinary”

We all love social media, whether we choose to admit it or not. It’s that place where we can connect with friends, share fun stories, and play mindless games when we’re bored. Plus, we know it’s a place where we can talk about student loans and other annoying “everyday people” stuff and everyone will totally understand our pain.

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