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If There’s One Thing The Internet Likes, It’s Cats

Forrest Gump might think life is like a box of chocolates, but really we think it’s the Internet. Like the chocolate, you never quite know what you’ll find. Will you come across the gross chocolate that makes you question all that’s right with the world or will you find that perfect chocolate that has you hearing music? The same goes for the Internet. It’s always a gamble!

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Wednesday Wonder: Luna Smart Mattress Cover

Upgrading any sort of gadget, appliance, or home item to its “smart” equivalent is not exactly the cheapest thing in the world to do. We all know smart equals more money which equals a sad day for the wallet. But, most wallets don’t have to weep too hard considering most of us can’t drop $1000 on whatever smart gadget has just hit the market.

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Don’t Just Share That Selfie, Print it

Technology is moving at a rapid fire pace nowadays. It seems like every other day there’s some new invention or new discovery that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. 3D printing, virtual reality, self-driving cars…seriously, is this real life or a Back to the Future movie? But, it seems like for every step forward, we take a couple steps back with some other invention.

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Now What Will We Read Before Takeoff

When it comes to air travel, there are two things we can always be certain of. First, is that we’ll instantly get annoyed within the first five minutes. Crowds, long lines, and endless laps around the terminal because we can’t find our gate makes for a terrible time. Second, we always know that when we finally take our seat and turn off all electronic devices, we have SkyMall to keep us endlessly entertained.

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Just Remember: Someone’s Probably Having A Worse Day

Life is not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes we have bad days, sometimes we have days where we regret ever leaving the safety of our bed, and sometimes we have days where we’d like to climb into a hole and stay there for the next week. You know what we’re talking about.

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