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It’s Time To Dust Off Those Solitaire Skills

Listen, everyone has done it. You’re sitting at your desk, there’s a lull in work or you just need to give your brain a rest for a while, so you move that cursor over until it’s hovering above the solitaire button. Did you click? Do you play a quick little game, just for a refresh of the old brain? Of course you do! 45 minutes later, you realize it’s probably time to get back to work.

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Friday Video: David Letterman’s Last Top 10

We've now seen the end of an era. David Letterman’s run on the Late Show has come to an end, and I think everyone can agree that it’ll be a little strange not to see him on that show every night. And, to celebrate his departure, he naturally had a star-studded final show with a Top 10 we can all appreciate.

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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Every Morning? Yes Please!

We’re coffee addicts. We can’t start our day without at least one cup of coffee and we usually have at least 10 more cups throughout the day. Ok, maybe 10 is pushing it, but you get the idea. And, our favorite type of coffee is the fresh kind. We can just smell that aroma now! The only problem is a fresh bag of ground coffee only stays fresh for so long, and we lack the skills to roast our own beans at home!

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Wednesday Wonder: The Light Phone

Let’s face it. We are all 100% obsessed with our phones! We freak out if it’s not with us, we’re constantly staring at the little screen, and the motion of scrolling has become as second nature as brushing our teeth. We even feel the urge to check that screen even when we know we shouldn’t like during a movie or while we’re sitting in traffic.

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Google’s Becoming Your Only One-Stop-Shop

Let’s face it. We probably turn to Google far more often in a day then you would think would be humanly possible. We turn to Google to find the weather, make a measurement conversion while we’re cooking, find reviews on that new big purchase we want to make, or check that weird rash that’s suddenly shown up on our arm.

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