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Wednesday Wonder: Anti-Facial Recognition System

They watch you, even when you don’t realize it.  And what’s worse – they know who you are.  We’re talking about facial recognition cameras.  Just because you haven’t seen them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist.  In fact, if you have seen them, you’ve got a bigger problem.  Staring into that mechanical eye gives it a good long look right back at you and figuring out who you are.

You don’t want that.  But there is help, thanks to Howie Woo and his Anti-Facial Recognition System.  This yarn enthusiast has a surprisingly low-tech solution for protecting your privacy: a crocheted mask.  With its interchangeable cartoon-style facial features,  this mask will confuse facial recognition cameras while still showing facial expressions from angry to frightened and everything in between.

There’s just one catch – using Woo’s Anti-Facial Recognition System means that your eyes are covered by both a mask and your choice of crocheted eyes.  But a lack of sight is a small price to pay – personal privacy is the real vision here.

Sadly, for now, the Anti-Facial Recognition System exists only with Howie Woo and on his website – but you can appreciate a video of the system in action as well as a demonstration of its versatile facial features while waiting for him to post a how-to.

(Story and Image via Dvice)

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