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Wednesday Wonder: OneSense Headphones

They’re senseless and they’re silly, at times they’re even frilly.  They make us question “Really?” Our Wednesday Wonder family.

Sometimes you just want to be alone with your music – but those tiny iPod earphones just don’t seem to get the message across.   The OneSense headphones by New York designer Joe Doucet, on the other hand, send a clear message not to bother the user.

The headset wraps around the front of your head, covering both ears and eyes to keep out even more potential distractions while you enjoy a more immersive experience of your favorite tunes.  The “fire-engine red” color – not to mention the sharp spikes that cover the OneSense are a very obvious “do not disturb” sign.  Doucet intended the headset to “suspend time” by imitating the experience of a sensory deprivation chamber.

For those who prefer musical solitude and would go to that kind of lengths to enjoy it, the bad news is Doucet has no plans for OneSense to go into production.  Until he changes his mind, you can always stick in your earbuds and tie a spiked dog collar around your head.  It’s almost the same thing.

(Story and Image via Fast Co. Design)

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