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Confused about which smartphone to get next? Here's our top 5 picks for 2012 

It’s rough—deciding on what to phone to get, that is—how do you decide among all of the technological goodness out there? Do you switch providers? Will you have to go through the pain of getting a new number? We’ve broken down the top phones (in no particular order) so you can have an easier time deciding whether or not you want to make sacrifices for the phone you want:

Nokia Lumia 900


When we got to mess around with Nokia’s Lumia 900 at SXSW this year, we had regretted signing our 2-year iPhone contract because the look and usability of the Lumia 900 stood out from anything we had ever seen from a phone platform. If you’re looking for something practical, yet different from the rest, Nokia’s Lumia 900 runs on Windows 8 platform and a 1.4Ghz core processor, and has a 4.3” screen. We like it because it’s minimalistic, yet has all the essentialities built in already, such as the improved Internet Explorer, 4G LTE network, Netflix, Facebook, XBOX, and more.

Samsung Galaxy S III


Samsung has a lot to boast about with their new Galaxy S III, especially with the deep camera integration (and the fact it was chosen as the official 2012 Olympics phone). So if you’re a smartphone photographer constantly filtering and uploading with apps like Instagram, we definitely recommend the Galaxy S III. The S-voice feature, like Siri, will allow you to control your phone by speaking. Another impressive thing about Samsung’s new Galaxy is the burst mode, allowing you to capture 20 images in a single push of a button. Pretty awesome. For video mode it records motion at 1080p. The 4.8” screen is larger than most new phones and the processor is quad-core processor, setting it apart from most Android phones on the market. The Galaxy S II will run on Android 4.0.


The latest addition to Sprint’s Evo family, the Evo 4G LTE is a looker. It’s stylish and pretty gorgeous with its glossy finish and red accents. The 4.7” screen and super LCD 1290 x 720 pixel display displays bright colors and wide viewing angles, which is unlike anything usually seen with LCD technology. Sound can be expectedly good with Dre’s Beats Audio. An 8 megapixel camera with LED flash, a red striped kickstand for optimal media viewing anywhere, and its fingerprint repellant—and well, we’re pretty much sold. It runs on Android 4.0 and has all the necessities built right in: a weather clock, world clock, an easy to operate launch icons that are customizable for whatever you might use the most—Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, to name a few. Oh, and in case that all didn’t do it for you, the Evo will be among the first to feature HD voice technology.

Kyocera Hydro

The Kyocera Hydro is definitely the wild card here. We almost forgot about the fact people still use keyboards, as we have become immune to touch screen technology, but the Hydro stands out for two reasons: one, the keyboard which we mentioned, and the fact it is waterproof. So if you’re like us, this is the perfect solution to those accidental moments where the toilet gets the better half of your phone. The Hydro will run on Android 4.0, have a 3.5” screen with HVGA (480x320 megapixel) display, and run on a 1GhX Snapdragon Processor with a 3.2-megapixel camera. It protects itself from water up to 30 minutes in up to 1 meter of water (underwater photos, anyone?)

The Motorola Atrix

The number one reason we love the Atrix? Battery life: because sometimes, as much as cool apps and display features are important, none of that would even exist without the battery. The Motorola smartphone outlasts 530 minutes of talktime and 350 hours of standby time. The Atrix is being compared to the iPhone 4S, and is virtually a fast, powerful PC in the palm of your hands. The fingerprint security makes it secure, and has little bonuses that make it even more fabulous, like the Webtop application that lets you text and call by hooking your phone up to a PC. The 4” display screen is the highest on any Android device with its 960 x 540 resolution. The 5 megapixel camera has video chat capabilities and can capture video at 720p. All in all, the Motorola Atrix is not your average Android device, considering the whole package.

(photos via WM Power User, CNET, Mobile Mag, Into Mobile, and Phandroid

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