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Six dastardly delicious drink and dessert recipes to try this summer 

We know it’s still May, but it’s never too early to start testing new recipes for summertime food and drinks (especially when you get lucky with one of those extra warm days). We’ve put together a list of our favorite recipes so far, and we’re drooling just thinking about them!

1. LoopHole Martini (featuring the legendary Fruit Loops vodka): When we first heard of Fruit Loops drink, we didn’t know how to react, having not eaten Fruit Loops cereal since we were kids. But this drink has us convinced it could be wunderbar: (via Intoxicology)


-       Parts Milk

-       1 Part Loopy Vodka

-       1 part Frangelico

-       Fruit Loops cereal

2. Moscow Mule (we recommend adding the mint leaves!): Traditionally a Moscow Mule is drank with a copper cup, as the drink became popular on the west coast in the 1940s and is still enjoyed to this day by those appreciating its fresh taste. (via Webtender)


-          1-2 shots vodka

-          ginger beer (to taste)

-          a dab of honey

-          mint leaves (optional)

3. The Musketeers Poptail (we apologize if this caused a sudden craving for any assortment of chocolates): Technically this recipe was for a Halloween party, but the cool refreshing flavor of a popsicle version of a Three Musketeers bar had us excited. (via Endless Simmer)


-          8 oz. of cream

-          2 oz melted chocolate + 3 oz. chocolate for drizzling

-          2 oz chocolate liqueur

-          ½ oz Kahlua

-          popsicle molds (Dixie Cups work)

Using the Popsicle molds, drizzle the melted chocolate into the bottom of each space. Put them in the freezer for 10 minutes or until frozen. Place the cream, 3 oz chocolate liquer, and Kahlua into a shaker, mixing all of the ingredients together. After mixing the liquids, pour into the Dixie Cups and freeze for about an hour. Then, well, you know what to do.

4. Blood Orange Margarita (blood oranges are in season!): These Blood Orange ritas are no ordinary margarita. In fact, they are so fresh and delicious looking, we might have to permanently replace this rita with our daily juice intake (kidding).


-          3 oz. fresh blood oranges

-          2 oz. Tequila

-          1 oz. Triple Sec

-          splash of agave nectar syrup (optional)

On the rim of your glass, coat the edge with a blood orange slice. Then, add salt (if you like). Mix together all the ingredients with ice, and then strain into your glass and enjoy!

5. Ice Cream with Honey-Poached Apricots (delicious and nutritious!) When we saw these we immediately were relieved there was no excessive carbs or anything to worry about, just a healthy treat that’s easy to whip together. (via Real Simple)


-          Apricots

-          honey (optional)

-          vanilla ice cream

-          coconut

Take a scoop (or two!) of vanilla ice cream and top with toasted coconut and apricots, then add honey of you’d like. We’re tempted to even try this for breakfast. Either way, the light taste should make for a yummy treat that’s not too high in calories.

 (photo via White on Rice Couple)

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