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Happy Geek Pride Day: Here’s a Few Yodas

Along with being Towel Day for Douglas Adams fans and Glorious 25 May for Discworld enthusiasts, today is the anniversary of Episode IV: A New Hope, the first Star Wars film.  In honor of Geek Pride Day and the birthday of Yoda’s voice and operator Frank Oz, we present a few of our favorite Yoda images from around the Internet.


Carry On Yoda - Yoda takes on the popular “Keep Calm and Carry On” in his unique grammatical style. (Via Funny Pictures Blog)





Typographic Yoda – Symbols and letters in various fonts make up this artistic interpretation of the Jedi Master. (Via NotCot)





Origami Yoda – We can’t help being impressed by the paper-folding skills behind this recyclable Yoda.  (Via Children’s Atheneum)




Seuss Yoda –In this interpretation, Yoda gets into the rhyme scheme of a well-loved children’s author. (Via The Mighty Adam)





Lego Yoda – Patience you must have if build this Yoda you will. (Via Pegasus News)

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