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Kids Learn Series: A+ Edition (Nintendo DS) 

There was a time when kids were free to be kids, when entertainment could simply entertain, when games were just fun - without all the pressure of being educational. Sadly, that time has passed. And your parents, like so many others, have fallen prey to the false idea that the best games teach you practical skills like math, spelling, and critical thinking.

Even your Nintendo DS, which used to play your favorite mindless games isn’t immune to the “education bug.” Against its will (and yours) it now sees titles like “Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar,” “Kids Learn Math” and “Kids Learn 2 Think.” If that sounds like a conspiracy, it probably is one.

But here’s the good news. They may try to teach you something, but these games are still games – with different activities and challenging levels to keep you entertained while you learn. After all, without educational games, you’d be stuck learning this stuff the hard way – reading books and filling in (gasp!) worksheets.

When you have to learn, have some fun while you do it with one of the Kids Learn Series titles for Nintendo DS. And, you know, sneak a real video game in once in a while.

Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition
In Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition helps you improve your math grade, providing a personal coach through math-based games and exercises. Practice with math exercises that range from five to twenty rounds each, as well as a variety of mini-games, all focused on math skills for grades 1 thorough 4. Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition features five categories that include a total of fifteen mini-games, an entertaining way to learn and improve on math skills. Numbers can be fun with Kids Learn Math: A+ Edition.

Kids Learn Math Features:

  • Five unique categories with a total of 15 mini-games
  • Exercises include explanations and calculations
  • Multiplayer fun allows challenges between family and friends
  • Fun and engaging settings will motivate children to learn
  • Multiplayer via Wireless DS Single-Card or Multi-Card Play

Kids Learn 2 Think

Kids Learn 2 Think is specifically designed to help kids develop critical thinking and logic skills using games and fun activities for the Nintendo DS. Using both left and right brain exercises, kids play with puzzles, riddles, and brainteasers, enhancing the ability to use both sides of the brain. Spatial, visual, logic, and memory matching puzzles are just some of the fun, play-based activities in Kids Learn 2 Think for Nintendo DS.

Kids Learn 2 Think Features:

  • Difficulty increases as skill level increases
  • 7 different classes of games (left/right brain exercises)
  • 21 mini-games with 3 different levels of difficulty each
  • Multiplayer mode supports 2 to 4 players

Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar: A+ Edition

In Kids Learn Spelling and Grammer: A+ Edition is a fun way to kids to learn and practice their English language skills. Kids are cat into the role of a detective where a variety of themed games and exercises will "teach" language through various modes of game play. Kids can play with their friends in multiplayer mode or play by themselves. Spelling and grammar become fun for the Nintendo DS with Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar: A+ Edition.

Kids Learn Spelling and Grammar Features:

  • 15 different mini-games with a variety of content to help learn spelling and grammar
  • 3 types of exercise modes: Forming Syllables, Synonyms and Antonyms, and Dictation
  • Integrated age check provides learning for all levels of knowledge
  • Multiplayer via Wireless DS Single-Card or Multi-Card Play (requires Game Card for each player)

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