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Wednesday Wonder: Grey Knight Armored Hoodie

If nothing else, our Wednesday Wonders often make strong statements.  And let’s face it, they usually are good for nothing else.  Today’s too-strange-to-be-entirely-sensible Wonder makes a statement you could put over your room-spanning video game library: I take my gaming far more seriously than I take myself.

It’s bound to happen sometime.  You’ve been dueling dragons and various Medieval villains with your online team for days straight and you’ve finally reached the end of the quest.  To celebrate your victory, your Internet crew plans a real-life meet-up.  You’re all for it, because it means a chance to see your online crush in person.

But all your planning for that day is no use.  While you thought your subtle-superhero-reference hoodie was the right level of clever and nerdy, DragonCrusher10 stole the entire show with a Grey Knight Armored Hoodie.  And, of course, MedievalGirl couldn’t seem to resist the detail of the faux armor plate accents and the retractable face plate and visor.

Nobody even seems to notice when you walk away muttering “It’s just a hoodie” – and you remember why you’ve always felt more comfortable in virtual worlds than the real one.  Especially since the Etsy shop of Armored Hoodie-maker Chadwick Dillon is on vacation, preventing you from getting your own suit of fleece armor.

(Story and Image via Gizmodo)

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