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M.C. Escher Premium iPad 2 Fabric Wrapped Case 

Some people may prefer a more ordered world where birds travel in Vs and gravity only works in one direction. But not you. You’re more the adventurous type – you follow the white rabbit, enter the wardrobe, and embrace the craziness of alternate dimensions on the other side of a wormhole. And your iPad case should reflect that affinity for the less-predictable side of life.

Staircases that defy gravity and birds that fly in perfectly tessellated planes – far from being something shocking – make the perfect statement as the cover of your iPad case. And whether you choose “Relativity” or “Plane with Birds,” you’ll get a premium folding case that defies convention to hold your iPad 2 in a variety of positions – while protecting it from dust and scratches and giving you access to all the necessary controls and ports.

The world is a strange, complicated place – if only in your imagination and on your M.C. Escher iPad 2 Case.


  • Accommodates typing and multiple viewing positions
  • Durable reinforced case protects your iPad from scratches, dust, and damage
  • Soft micro-suede interior
  • Easy access to all controls and ports
  • Premium eco-friendly synthetic material


  • Color: Black and White; Relativity or Plan with Birds Design
  • Compatibility: iPad 2
  • Warranty: Limited Manufacturer Warranty

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