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The Solution for Reading and Watching TV in Bed

These days, it’s hard to get better automatic geek credit than wearing a pair of Google AR Glasses.  Unfortunately, those specs are in extremely limited supply, will cost you more than a lifetime of regular glasses, and are probably hard to use, since no one seems to be really sure what exactly they do.

Luckily for us, Google Glasses aren’t the only nerd-approved eyewear in town.  Prism Glasses are available to anyone and are relatively inexpensive.  Even better, we already know exactly what these specs do: encourage laziness.

 Okay, truthfully, Prism glasses are designed to assist those with limited mobility by letting them see books, TV, or a computer while lying down.  It works by turning the user’s view into a 90-degree downward angle.  But you’ve probably tried to read or watch TV in bed and wished you could do so at an angle that won’t sacrifice your neck muscles.

And the cost to spare yourself the pain of eye strain and neck cramps?  Well it depends on how stylish you want your completely non-stylish glasses to be – ranging from $25 to more than $100 a pair.  Hey, if you spend a lot of time reading or watching your computer lying down, it just might be worth it.

(Story and Image via Dvice)

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