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Doberman Infrared Home Defender (Motion Detector) - SE-0104 

Friends and family may not completely understand, but there’s probably at least one other person out there who knows the true value of your extensive comic book collection. That single individual might be an upstanding citizen, but he or she could just as easily be waiting for the right moment to make your collection theirs.

That’s why your security system – a Doberman Infrared Home Defender - is completely necessary. Mounted on your wall or ceiling, it covers an area 60 degrees vertically and horizontally and 15 feet out with a motion-detecting 95 dB alarm. And the swivel mounting bracket angles the Home Defender just the way you need it, so you’ll know right away when someone’s trying to take the classic comic book adventures of Mickey Mouse and friends. You just can’t put a price on protecting something so priceless.

Secure any area – or any valuable – with the 95 dB alarm and motion-detecting sensor of the Doberman Infrared Home Defender.


  • Use around room, house, or garage entrances
  • Alarm sounds when protected area is breached
  • Select from chime or loud 95 dB alarm sound
  • Protects an area 60 degrees vertically, 60 degrees horizontally, and 15 feet out from unit
  • Adjustable swivel mounting bracket can angle the unit 270-degrees for maximum protection


  • Color: Silver/Gray
  • Power Source: 9 V Battery (not included)
  • Alarm Volume: 95 dB

Condition: New
Packaging: Retail
Model Number: SE-0104

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