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Telebrands Bottle Tops 12 Pack - Turns Almost Any Can into a Bottle

They say you shouldn’t cry over spilled milk. Maybe it’s because no one can decide whether to call it pop, soda, or cola – and “Don’t cry over spilled pop, soda, or cola” doesn’t have the same ring to it. Then again, maybe it’s because the loss of these carbonated beverages is more heartfelt and worthy of a shed tear or two.

Maybe it’s because whoever wrote the saying about spilled milk just didn’t have a problem with spilled pop/soda/cola – because he or she knew about Telebrands Bottle Tops. They turn your favorite canned drink into your favorite bottled drink in a snap – literally, you just snap the bottle top onto your can. You don’t have to worry about spilling your drink, losing the carbonation, or getting insects inside your drink, since Telebrands Bottle Tops keep it securely sealed.

Don’t cry over canned drink spills – keep it contained and carbonated longer with Telebrands Bottle Tops.


  • Helps avoid spills
  • Fits most standard size beverage cans
  • Easy to wash
  • 12 colorful tops included
  • Re-useable
  • Keeps carbonation longer
  • Prevents insects from crawling into your drink
  • No sharp opening while drinking

Condition: New
Packaging: Retail

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