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The Year Google Dies

Futurist website has made some bold and even unbelievable predictions for concepts, gadgets, and traditions that will become completely extinct or simply irrelevant within the next 40 years.  There’s both good news and bad news in the infographic’s predictions – though we’re not sure the good outweighs the bad.

Good manners will apparently go out the door with the phrase “thank you” sometime this year, while retirement and the computer mouse disappear in a short four years.  Mealtimes take a serious hit:  sit down breakfasts are out of style in 2019 (along with free parking) and your lunch break only holds out to 2028.  Work-free weekends, spelling, free roads, radio, and even copyright are all victims of the 2020s.  Tech companies survive a little longer, with Microsoft (and the middle class) making it to 2035 and Google to 2049 – barely longer than household chores.

On the debatably positive side, getting lost goes extinct in just two years and improved search methods eliminate text-based searches in 2018.  Even reality TV has a relatively short future – 2030 sees the end of shows like Big Brother and Survivor.  Carbon emissions and deafness say goodbye in 2039; blindness is a thing of the past by 2050.

But before you get too discouraged over a lack of balance in the future, itself says the infographic’s predictions aren’t to be taken “too seriously.” In fact, lists of predictions like this (and even futurists) are predicted to be extinct by 2051.  You can check out the entire Extinction Timeline for 1950-2050 at the website.

(Story and Image via Business Insider)

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