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American Gardener YS24 YardStick 10" 24V Cordless String Trimmer 

Yardwork options that may not work as well as the American Gardener Cordless Trimmer:

Harry’s Herd Lawn Maintenance – It may be a bit unconventional, but your next-door neighbor has already promised the services of his 42-goat herd to keep the edges of your yard under control. Downsides: you have to be really patient and not care that the grass is totally uneven. Bonus: It’s free.

The “Time to Learn Responsibility Approach” – If your kids are teens or close to it, it’s about time they learned the meaning of hard work, and mowing the yard could probably be considered a rite of passage. Though when it comes to the trim-work, “hard-work never hurt anyone” might not be accurate when you see the state of your prized landscaping.

Hire a Professional – Paying someone who “knows what they’re doing” sounds like a great plan. But you might end up finding yourself with a lot of yard additions you never really wanted – and an impractical bill to match.

At times, the best system is still “if you want it done right, do it yourself,” especially when it comes to your yard. Fortunately, the American Gardener YS24 YardStick 10” 24 V Cordless String Trimmer is here to make trimwork easier with heavy-duty strength, a 10” diameter cutting path, and a quick switch from trimmer to edger. From its cordless style to its long run time and ergonomic design, the American Gardener Cordless Trimmer helps you finish your yardwork and feel that personal satisfaction of a job well done.

Fine-tune the trimming and edgework of your yard with the American Gardener YS24 YardStick 10” 24 V Cordless String Trimmer.


  • Converts from trimmer to edger with a flip of the wrist
  • 10" cutting path using 0.08" Professional Grade Cutting Line
  • 24 V motor and SLA battery with 84 Watt-hours capacity
  • Convenient cordless style with a long run time
  • Bump-feed line head and integrated rolling edge guide
  • Features a fully-adjustable handle and thumb safety switches
  • Ergonomic design focusing on symmetry and balance
  • Includes charger with wall storage rack


  • Weight: 10.5 lbs
  • Cutting Path: 10" diameter path
  • Motor: 24 Volt motor
  • Battery: SLA Battery with 84 Watt-hours capacity

Packaging: Retail
Condition: New

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