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Image via GizmagUgh! All we want to do is make tea whenever and wherever we want! We don’t ask for much! We’re so sick and tired of trying to shove our big, bulky kettle into our briefcase every morning, but what other choice do we have??  It’s not like there’s some kind of collapsible kettle that we could slip into our back pockets or something! Oh wait…there is. 

Image via BehanceIntroducing Novel, the foldable, portable kettle and a game changer in the tea making world. Hot beverage lovers rejoice! Our kettle freedom is here and it’s all thanks to industrial designer Stanislav Sabo. Sabo knew that people want to brew tea wherever they are – on a train, a ski slope, their yacht (his examples, not ours) – so he designed a kettle you can “put in the back pocket of your trousers.” Are jeans OK? We haven’t worn trousers in, well, never.   

Image via BehanceAll joking aside, Novel is a nifty little gadget.  Outside, it’s constructed of a heatproof plastic that can hold up to boiling temps, and inside, it’s lined with 100% silicone, which allows it to bend and fold. Just plug Novel in and the heating plate will make you a piping hot beverage in no time! Its magnetic fasteners help keep the kettle’s shape so you don’t have any spills on your yacht and when you’ve had your spot of tea, Novel flattens into a slim, space-saving shape. 

Image via Gizmag
Image via GizmagIt’s kind of crazy to assume people will want to boil water while on a train or a ski slope, but we can definitely see Novel being useful for hikers or in small, crammed kitchens. So on a scale of one to ridiculous, we’re giving Novel a solid 6. Also, we hate to sound needy, but it would be great if Sabo could design a way for Novel to also make crumpets to go along with our tea. That Easy Bake Oven we’ve got in our briefcase right now just isn’t cutting it.


(Story via Gizmag

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Reader Comments (1)

I totally need one of these!

Can't wait to use it on my yacht!

October 2, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterJacob

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