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Get All Your Mail by Email

Since most of our communications are now digital anyway, all that physical mail can seem like an old-school annoyance.  Outbox is a service that puts all your mail where you expect it (and where you’re more likely to see it) – in your email in-box.

Launching in San Francisco today, Outbox stops by your house three times each week to get your mail, which it then scans, stores, and sends to you.  Your mail is available digitally, via the Outbox website or its iOS app.

Outbox shreds and recycles your paper mail after a month while keeping a file of statements and other important mail.  The service also eliminates some of that unnecessarily mail – letting you automatically unsubscribe from junk mail.  And if you really want to hold that letter or card in your hand, Outbox will send you the physical copy.

A similar service to Remote Control Mail, which lets you check physical mail on the web, Outbox is significantly less expensive - $4.99 a month compared to $19.99.  If you care more about your online mailbox than your home one, Outbox could be the physical-to-digital service that makes them one and the same.

(Story and Image via Business Insider)

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