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Who Makes the Best Mobile Keyboard?

When using a smartphone the keyboard can be very important. Most smartphones only have a touchscreen with no real buttons. You don’t want to take 5 years to type a simple text or send something to a co-worker that was auto-corrected completely wrong.  (How embarrassing!) Each mobile operating system has a different keyboard, and Android even lets you replace the default with third-party alternatives. They all work differently, and have their own little quirks - the question is which will help keep you the farthest away from any kind of texting-caused embarrassment? The fine people at TechHive may have an answer! They developed a test to gauge how fast and how accurately people can type on major mobile operating systems.

They tested the three major mobile operating systems: Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 8. As well as two popular third-party Android keyboards: Swype and SwiftKey. The test was divided into two parts - In the first segment, subjects used each mobile keyboard and typed as much of a prewritten text passage as they could in 60 seconds. In the second part, the subjects were asked to type a description of their favorite foods or pastimes – to stimulate a real-world typing situation.  13 people took the test and the results are as follows:

Speed: Average Words per minute

SwiftKey – 33.4

Swype – 35.3

Android Stock – 32.3

Windows Phone 8 – 31.3

iOS – 36.5

Speed Results -  iOS wins

Accuracy: Average Errors

SwiftKey – 2.3

Swype – 2.3

Android Stock – 4.5

Windows Phone 8 – 3.2

iOS – 1.3

Accuracy Results – iOS wins

From these results the clear winner is Apple’s iOS. Overall the iOS keyboard outperformed the other mobile keyboard. This is not to say it definitely is the superior keyboard, though. Come on, only 13 people were tested! TechHive and we recommend that you just use whatever keyboard you feel most comfortable with. If you’re not sure, go to a tech store where you can try out phones and start typing. You’ll figure it out!

(Story and Image via TechHive)

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