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Image via NickTiffanyWe’ve seen the future at CES 2014. Sony Pictures gave us a glimpse into CES 2027 and, well, it’s as terrifying as we thought it would be. In 2027, OmniCorp will be heading the security for our nation and they will just be starting on their biggest project yet: the RC2000 project –“Where man and machine become one.” And – wait. We’ve heard this somewhere before.  OmniCorp…man and machine…it’s Robocop!

As the most genius promotional idea we’ve seen in awhile, Sony Pictures turned a commercial into a CES presentation by showing this video to audiences at CES 2014. They based it thirteen years in the future, when OmniCorp is giving a keynote presentation at CES. OmniCorp has already got their claws into our security system by this time and they’re introducing their new project, which we all know will be Robocop.

With all the incredible advances in robotics happening right now, this video seems more realistic than it would have only five years ago. We already know that robots will be big part of our future, as shown by the large number of robotics exhibitors in Las Vegas right now. But thanks to this video, we now know not to let OmniCorp take over our security needs. Plus, this is a great plug for Sony Pictures’ new film Robocop hitting theaters in February. We’re definitely going to make time to see this movie. You know, for research purposes.

(Story via Gizmodo)


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