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As expected, CES 2014 is producing a wide range of exciting new gadgets and technology, but if we had to pick one major trend for this year, it’s wearables. We’ve pulled together some of the most interesting wearables we’ve found so far at CES to help you plan your future outfits around these high-tech accessories.  

Wearable Health

Garmin isn’t about to be left behind in the fitness band market. It’s just announced its new Vivofit fitness band, which looks a lot like the Nike+ Fuelband and the Fitbit Force. You’ll wear Vivofit on your wrist to track your steps and activity level like any normal fitness band, but Vivofit also added some unique features which made us take notice. 

Garmin VivofitThe Vivofit learns about your activity level to find a baseline then automatically assigns you an achievable daily goal based on that baseline. It’s smart enough to see when you’re easily meeting the goals, so it can up the ante as you go along. There’s also a red bar which appears on the display screen if you’ve been inactive for more than an hour. Your goal is to get up, get moving, and get “out of the red.”

Fitness Band Meets Smartwatch

Another company venturing into wearables is Sony. It announced a tiny chip called Core, which will be placed into various wearable fitness products, including a smartband. Sony isn’t giving all the details of Core just yet, but they do say it will include typical fitness-tracking measurements along with special features that sound more like a smartwatch. Core will let you know when you’re receiving a call, track photos you took, and more.

Sony's Core An unexpected company jumping into the wearable ring is Razer. Razer announced its smartband, that’s part smartwatch, part fitness band. Although it sounds a lot like Sony’s Core, Razer says the Nabu is different because it “focuses primarily on all-in-one turnkey solutions.” This band will feature a seven to ten day battery life as well as a “private” screen so that those around you can’t see who’s calling or texting you. Razer is opening up all of Nabu’s information to developers in hopes that they will help turn Nabu into something everyone wants to use.

Smart Jewelry

British chipmaker CSR announced a new line of Bluetooth Smart jewelry. It will feature LEDs which can be customized to display different colors as you get different kinds of notifications on your phone. So you could make a Bluetooth Smart-connected accessory show blue when you get a text and green when you’re getting a call. You could also use an app to change the color to match your mood or outfit. A necklace or pair of earrings would make it difficult to see when you’re getting a notification, but a ring or bracelet might be a great accessory for the ever-connected techie. 

CSR smart jewelry If you’re worried about smartwatches not matching your style, Intel’s announcement will be music to your ears. Intel says it will be partnering with fashion companies like Barneys, The Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA), and Opening Ceremony to create the most fashion-forward and wearable wearbles on the market. They’ve already begun collaborating with Opening Ceremony to design a smart bracelet, which Barneys has agreed to carry in its stores. There is no word yet as to what features this smart bracelet will include, but Intel hopes to have it in stores by the end of this year.

(Story & Images via TheVerge

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