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Image via International CES Facebook The first of the year is always exciting for us here at SpaceBound Inc., the parent company of PricePlunge, XS Depot, SQRsolutions, NBS, and BargainStation. While most of our company is shivering in the sub-zero temperatures here in the mid-west, a few lucky members of our team have journeyed to sunny Las Vegas this week to explore the massive technology show CES. Thousands of the top tech companies in the world will be gathered together in one place, and we’re here to give you all the exciting news!

But first, a little bit about CES. Started over forty years ago, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), produced by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), has provided a stage for thousands of new-generation innovations and breakthrough technologies with their annual four-day event in Las Vegas. From the big names like Sony and Intel to the start-ups like SeeSpace, CES hosts more than 3,2000 exhibitors and welcomes business leaders, tech companies, and others in the consumer electronics industry from all over the globe to check out the newest gadgets and inventions for the upcoming year.

With thousands of CES exhibitors showing off their cool, new stuff, it’s easy to have an information overload. As we journey forth from exhibit to exhibit, we promise to bring you only the best, most interesting new products and ideas from CES 2014. We can’t wait to see more than a few exhibits, including the nearly thirty 3D printer exhibitors as well as CES’ Driverless Car Experience.

And, of course, there will be the big debuts and announcements that CES is known for. Already the rumors are flying as to what will be the biggest unveiling this year. We’ve put together a few trends and technologies to look out for in the next few days.  

  • Talking to your appliances. LG HomeChat is giving a voice to its 2014 Smart Appliance lineup. As if your vacuum cleaner wasn’t smart enough already, now you’ll be able to send it messages like “I’m going on vacation” that will automatically program it to do your bidding while you are away. Other HomeChat appliances include your washer/dryer and fridge. We’re sure LG won’t be the only ones with this appliance-to-human communication at CES 2014. 

Image via Engadget

  • Wearing your tech. While smartwatches aren’t exactly flying off the shelves, there’s more wearable technology in the works that might be more enticing to consumers. There is a lot of chatter about “wireless health” and the ability to slip on a bracelet and track your heart rate, steps, calories burned, and more.  Of course there’s also Google Glass and its many competitors, some of which will be in attendance at CES.
  • Big, smart, curvy TVs. How big? Try 110 inches big. Rumor has it that Samsung will debut a TV that will support finger gestures. This past year was filled with whole-hand controlled smart TVs, but they are not as intuitive and easy to control as a simple finger swipe. Voice control will also play a big role in this year’s smart TVs, making it easier to change the channel while your fingers are covered in Cheetos dust. Also LG has already confirmed that it will show a curved OLED TV and we’re sure to see better 4K TVs than last year.
  • 3D print everything. 3D printers aren’t brand new technology, but with the advancement of the digital technology supporting them, they’re starting to become more reasonably priced for the average consumer. Instead of giant printers that build aerospace prototypes, for example, we’ll be more interested in seeing the smaller, cheaper models that could soon be hitting the market.

Image via Mashable

  • Robots doing your job. Another division, or “TechZone,” of CES we’re looking forward to exploring is Robotics. We’ve spent a lot time recently focusing on all sorts of robots – security guard robots, cattle-herding robots, you name it, there’s a robot for it now. It’s obvious that robots will be a huge part of our future, so why not see what the future looks like with Robotics exhibitors like Robotics Trends Inc. and Innvo Labs? 

Be sure to check back on our site,, for more news and updates from CES 2014! 

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