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It’s Time To Brew A Fresh Pot Through Your Phone

(Image via Engadget)There are two things we need in the morning in order to get through the day. The first, naturally, is breakfast. Toss some Lucky Charms in a bowl, and we’re golden. The second is something we need both for our sanity and for the protection of all the poor souls around us, and that’s coffee! Load us up with that sweet caffeinated nectar of the gods and we’ll happily be on our way.

But, for as much coffee as we probably consume in any given week, we’ve never really considered replacing our tried and true coffee pot at home. Hey, it’s done the job just fine so far. Then, we saw the new Mr. Coffee from Belkin. Like most things these days, this coffee pot isn’t just a stand-alone, push a button to turn it on kind of machine. This one can be controlled by none other than your smartphone!

Your phone: the key to everything (Image via Belkin)

That’s right. Meet the smart, Wi-Fi enabled coffee maker that’s probably the dream machine for coffee addicts everywhere. The coffee pot itself can brew up to 10 cups, enough to at least get you until lunch time, and connects to the WeMo app on your smartphone. Using that app, you can do all sorts of things you never quite thought possible when it came to the morning brew. Now, you can schedule, monitor, and modify your coffee maker from just about anywhere. Perfect for anyone who just can’t stand to be away from their Mr. Coffee for long stretches of time.

So, let’s put this into perspective. Using the app, you can now schedule when your coffee maker will start brewing literally weeks in advance so every day is timed to perfection, you can check to see if it’s done brewing so you don’t have to leave your cocoon of a bed before you have too, and you can control the pot through your phone by changing settings or turning it on and off. Plus, the coffee maker also includes Optimal Brew, which supposedly helps to get the most bang for your buck. Aka, your coffee with literally be exploding with favor!

Will wake up for coffee (Image via Belkin)

Now, that all sounds pretty good, but we have a few issues when it comes to the new coffee pot. First, this thing doesn’t have a cheap price tag, like most smart gadgets out there. One of these machines will cost you $150! And considering there are plenty of machines out there with a delay brew option, is it really worth it? We can set our coffee pot every night before we go to bed, so it’s hot and ready by the time we’re walking out the door, and we definitely didn’t pay that kind of money for it.

And, if you’re about to say you can schedule for weeks in advance, we’ve thought of that one too. From everything we can see, you’ll still have to prep your coffee maker each and every night. You might have the brew times scheduled for the next 5 months, but you’ll still need to add water and change the coffee grounds before you brew. With that added step, you’ll really not saving yourself any time or hassle. If you’re headed home and want coffee wanting when you arrive, you already need to have fresh grounds and water in there. There’s no mass reservoir that the machine can pull from. So, with that in mind, you might as well stick with a coffee maker that has a delayed brew function.

But, even if there might be a few kinks, this definitely is still a cool machine that true, dedicated coffee drinkers might be intrigued by.

(Story via Engadget)

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