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Wednesday Wonder: The BeOn Light Bulb

(Image via Engadget)Back in the day, it might have been ok to keep your door unlocked, your windows wide open, and slap a neon sign that says “come on in” right outside your home. But now, things have changed. You probably don’t keep your door unlocked when you’re home, let alone when you’re away. In fact, when you leave your house, you probably lock it up tighter then a maximum security vault.

However, even if you have ten locks, a high-tech security system, and a timer set to your lights, there’s a problem. It can be pretty easy for a burglar to figure out that you aren’t actually home, since we’re guessing most people don’t stand right next to their lamp so they can turn it on at the same second every day. But that’s just a wild, random assumption. So, if you’re not the kind to time your life down to the second, but want some more security than a plug-in timer, there might finally be an answer.

It's like a cascade of security magic (Image via Kickstarter)

It’s called the BeOn light bulb, and it’s a smart light bulb with a TON of security for when you’re home and away. The main feature behind the light bulb, and which makes it so much better than any timer, is the fact that the bulb can actually learn. Just install it like any normal bulb and, as you use it, the bulb will actually learn your lighting habits. Then, once it’s time for a little R&R, you set the bulb to away via the app and it will mimic your habits, turning on different lights around the house to make it look like people are actually there and moving around! Aka move along, Mr. Burglar. But, if the thief is oh so bold and rings your doorbell to double check for any people inside, the bulb will also turn on at the sound of your doorbell, scaring Mr. Takes What’s Not His so he runs off like a scared child.

One bulb, so many possibilities (Image via Kickstarter)

Those features are just the features for when you’re not at home. But, don’t worry. This light bulb won’t leave you hanging while you’re hanging out at home. On top of the security features, the BeOn also includes a lot of safety features. First, it has back-up power so you can still turn your lights on even if there’s a power outage, the bulb automatically turns on when it hears a smoke detector so you’re not trying to crawl out of a burning building in the dark, and it even slowly fades out so you’re not left in a few, brief seconds of terrifying darkness as you stumble to the stairs while your eyes adjust. Or, if you’d rather it not turn off all the way, you can even create the perfect nightlight! Just turn the light off and turn it back on when it reaches the perfect lighting level as it fades!

It's that easy! (Image via Kickstarter)

Now, obviously those are all some pretty cool and useful features. but here’s something that’s about to blow your mind! Although the bulb does have a companion app, like any other smart product, you rarely seem to use it! You don’t need to program the bulb to learn your habits, you don’t use it to turn the bulb on and off, and you don’t even use it for the nightlight function. Almost all the features are either automatic or controlled via a standard switch, just like any other light bulb. However, you can still use the app for the various smart features, if you choose to do so.

As far as purchasing your own bulbs, they’re currently only available on Kickstarter to those wishing to pledge to the companion. A 3-pack will cost you $229, a 6-pack is $395, and a 9-pack is a whopping $595! Clearly this is not exactly a wallet-friendly option. But, if you’re still intrigued, you do have roughly 43 days left in the campaign, which has already raised nearly $40,000 of its $100,000 goal.

So, if you have the funds and travel often, maybe it’s a good investment. If not, you might just want to wait and see where things go once the campaign ends.

(Story via Engagdet)

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