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And You Thought Your Drink Was Expensive

We all love a good cup of joe in the morning. It gets our motors running and helps ensure that we’ll actually be pleasant people by the time social interaction is required. But, no matter how big our travel mug might be, we eventually start to drag again come mid-afternoon. We become tired and sluggish, which means we need another visit from our Fairy Godmother of coffee!

Hurry, to the local Starbucks! Sure, you probably could have bought yourself a Chipotle burrito by the time you leave the coffee house, but who can say no to some mocha deliciousness. We certainly can’t and neither can Andrew Chifari.

Andrew, however, is in a whole class of his own when it comes to Starbucks and crazy coffee concoctions. Andrew walked into his local Starbucks and walked out with what is being called the most expensive Starbucks drink; a Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino containing 60 shots of espresso and costing a whopping $54.75! Now that’s a coffee lover!

Hmm, that actually looks pretty good! (Image via Mashable)

Sure, it’s a little excessive, but hear us out before you go pondering whether or not Andrew needs to visit a Caffeine Anonymous meeting.  Andrew didn’t just walk into his Dallas Starbucks without plotting his course of action first. He came fully prepared with a 128-ounce glass in one hand, his Starbucks Gold member loyalty card in the other, and a dream in his heart. It was poetry in motion. Then, once he explained his goal to the poor baristas required to make the drink, he waited the ten agonizing minutes it took to actually create it. Hey, espresso shots don’t make themselves! But the wait was worth it, because in the end, that whole monstrosity was FREE! This was his twelfth drink purchase, which he got for free thanks to that loyalty card! And you thought loyalty cards were silly!

Did we mention he got it for FREE?! (Image via Mashable)

This, however, was not the first time someone’s pulled a stunt like this. Beau Chevassus previously held the record for a drink costing $47.30 and containing 48 shots. However, Beau went the route of adding as many things as humanly possible to jack up the price including bananas, matcha powder, pumpkin spice powder, and other addictives that probably didn’t mix well. Andrew’s drink was mostly espresso and he says it actually tasted pretty good, which is slightly shocking.

Now, if you didn’t catch that, Andrew did actually drink that crazy drink…just not all at once. When he originally got it, he consumed about a third which equals roughly 20 shots and no sleep for a month. About 4 days later, Andrew tweeted a pic showing the drink nearly gone. So at this point, he should be awake for the next year or so. But, as you can imagine, plenty of people have come forward and stated the obvious “best not to try this at home.” Minus being excessive and insane, the drink had about 4.5 grams of caffeine and 10 grams is said to be lethal to adults.

Talk about a caffeine overload (Image via Mashable)

Personally, we’ll stick with our standard Mocha Frappuccino and let others wig out on way too much caffeine.

(Story via Mashable)

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