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The Fire Phone: Everything Amazon at your fingertips

Shopaholics, beware: Amazon just made it way easier to impulse-buy with a simple touch of a button.

The new Fire Phone debuted Wednesday, and while it resembles most Android phones in structure and size, the retail giant promises big differences to make the Fire stand out among its competitors. It’s also the newest and most convenient way to shop at Amazon.

Firefly, Amazon’s scanning feature, lets users scan a barcode or take a picture of a particular item and the item will pop up with info, as well as a link to buy it from – where else? – Amazon. Firefly also works as a Shazam-like app, and according to many reports, its music and movie-identifying capabilities are extremely accurate. Now it won’t be as hard to figure out who’s playing who in “Game of Thrones” with the Fire at our side.

With regards to design, one of the Fire’s more dramatic features is its display, a 3D-like effect called “Dynamic Perspective” that makes objects appear to have depth behind the screen. Four cameras placed in each of the corners of the phone make the effect possible: the cameras detect the user’s head position in order to change dimension and perspective on the images on the screen. The Dynamic Perspective also adds depth to map images, a significant change from the flat maps on other smartphones.

Firefly can guess what show you're watching, too! Image via TechCrunch.

The Fire also limits finger swiping with its tilt-and-scroll feature. By tilting the phone, users can scroll through articles, open new app panels and read through texts. Using the “infinity scroll” could certainly help bypass all those pointless status updates on Facebook and Twitter that we sometimes get caught up in reading!

For now,  there’s a bit of a wait – the Fire won’t be available until July 25, and is exclusively for AT&T customers. But if the smooth design and technology hasn’t won you over yet, Amazon is also throwing in a free year of Prime for new and those already with a Prime account.

At this point, Amazon has sold this phone as doing everything short of doing shopping for you. For a fair price – starts at $199 – it’s a shopping lover’s dream, all packaged into one device.


(Story via Mashable)



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