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But First, Let Me Take An Elfie

When we take pictures with our phones, we don’t always use our brains. Admit it. You’ve been on vacation or gone somewhere and thought, “That’s pretty. Let’s take a picture.” You stick your phone out over the ledge of some high building or over the water, when suddenly you get that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach because you’re about to lose your phone to the black abyss.

Down it tumbles, never to be seen again. Oh, the tragedy! But, if you’re Scott Brierley, dropping your phone doesn’t have to be so horrific. While visiting the West Midlands Safari Park in Worcestshire, England, Scott accidently dropped his phone near the elephant enclosure. Naturally, since no one wanted to see anyone get mauled by a lion or watch them become an elephant’s new favorite toy, Scott was told not to leave his car.

The elephant being a 5 billion ton creature, Scott was probably sure that his phone was about to become an iPancake, but lucky for him, that’s not at all what happened! Instead of stepping on the phone, Latabe the Elephant snatched it up and decided to make history. Well, ok, he probably decided he was hungry and that the phone looked awfully good, but in the process he made history. That’s because Latabe took the most fabulous selfie we have ever seen, or should we say “elfie.”

Smile for the camera! (Image via Mashable)

Once Scott finally got his phone back, because apparently Latabe second guessed his snack choice, he discovered two photos of the elephant sitting on his phone. Since at no point was Scott lying down underneath a massive elephant in the middle of a Safari Park, he knew that he was in possession of something amazing! But, possession might be a strong word.

Sure, you would think that because the picture was taken on Scott’s phone that Latabe’s elfie belonged to Scott, but that’s not quite the case. Since Latabe was the one who took the picture, Latabe is the actual owner, and we can only imagine that he’d like that picture back, Scott! That is a fabulous Facebook profile picture just waiting to happen!

And it seems the park staff will be among the first to like it, since they’ve already said how proud they are of their budding photographer.

(Story via Mashable)

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