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Wednesday Wonder: The Noke Padlock

(Image via Kickstarter)There are plenty of times where you probably have to use some kind of lock to keep your stuff safe. You lock your storage locker in your apartment building, you lock your bike if you need to leave it somewhere, and plenty of other situations we're sure you can figure out for yourself. But, if you drop your key down a storm drain or suddenly have a brain drain and forget your combination, well, you’ve got a problem!

Now, you’ve either got to find some way to get that lock off or it’s time to snip it off! Bye, bye lock. It looks like you’re running to the store so you can start this whole dance all over again. But, you don’t need to keep adding to your graveyard of locked padlocks, never to be opened again! Instead, try a new ways of doing things with the Noke.

Use it here, use it there, use it everywhere (Image via Kickstarter)

The Noke is pronounced just like the one reason that makes it special, it has No Key! Well, not exactly. This padlock is actually a Bluetooth padlock, and syncs with your smartphone in order to unlock. Once you get within a 10 foot radius of the lock, all you have to do is push down on the shackle, the lock will search for your phone, and VOILA your padlock is unlocked and you didn’t have to worry about some key or combination. Plus, you don’t even have to take your phone out of your pocket or purse so you can literally just walk up, remove the lock, and be on your way!

Now you'll never be stranded next to a locked bike again! (Image via Mashable)

But, for those who aren’t actually permanently attached to their phones like most of the population, there’s also a special feature that allows you to actually key in a code. Just like morse code, you can key in a series of long and short taps into the lock. Press down on the shackle in the right order and the lock will unlock even if your phone isn’t close by or has a dead battery. And, just so we don’t have a bunch of locks running around with the same code, might we suggest avoiding SOS as your code. We know it’s the once piece of morse code you know, but we’re pretty sure Google can help you think of something else. Plus, it’s what they used in the video so, probably just best to avoid it all together.

Click, Click, Click. UNLOCKED! (Image via Kickstarter)

And last but not least, no Bluetooth padlock would be complete without at least one feature that really pushes it into the “smart technology” territory. For this lock, it’s the fact that you can share your key with just about anyone! Using the app that connects with your lock, you can give people access to your Noke. Give your boyfriend permanent access to your apartment storage locker, give your brother one-time access to your bike, or create custom settings based on your needs like a week of access for the babysitter. Once that special time frame is up, they can’t access the lock anymore and you don’t have to hunt them down to get the key back! Plus, you can even use the app to check-in on activity. The history within the app shows you when and who either locked or unlocked your lock!

Currently, the Noke is running on Kickstarter with 29 days left in the campaign. So far, it looks like a keyless padlock is a pretty popular idea for most folks. The Noke has already double its original goal of $100,000 and should be well on its way to tripling it!

So, if you’re either clumsy or forgetful, might we suggest a $59 pledge so you can get a Noke of your own?

(Story via Mashable)

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