Synergy starts now: Bezos' Washington Post Free for 6 months for Prime Members
Friday, October 9, 2015 at 11:35AM

 So, that overused buzzword Synery comes into play with Jeff Bezos' dinaosaur acquisiton, the Washington Post.

Prime Members can get six months for free.

The upside: after the six months, Washington Post subscriptions will still be cheap for Prime subscribers.  If you are a Prime subscriber, you will get the 'National Digital Edition' (website content & app) for free, for the first six months and then $3.99 per month after the free period.

. . .some WireJacked math: that's like 63% off.

Downside (if you are not a fan of conglomerates): that Synergy thing again - it can't be long before the WP is more than just a news source.  Like feel good stories about some local shoemaker next to an ad for Zappos (also owned by Amazon).

Source: The Verge


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