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It’s Out With The Sugar and In With The Coffee

Let’s face the facts. We could all use a little diet reboot when it comes to our eating habits. Too much fat, too many carbs, maybe one too many trips to that candy bar at work! Hey, we’ve all done it, which is exactly why about 108 million people try to kickstart their diet at least four or five times a year. But, every time you kickstart your diet, one thing is missing.

No, it’s not a diet plan to follow. There are probably enough diet plans out there that you could follow a new one every week! And it’s not an app either. New diet and health apps seem to spring up like their falling from the skies. Instead, it’s an actual blanket of guidelines! Right now, there’s no updated national standard regarding diet and what’s actually good or bad for us. All we know is the unscientific information regarding fat and carbs from the 1980’s.

It was fun while it lasted, soda (Image via Mashable)

That’s why the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee went to the FDA Thursday and offered up some new facts to help people actually figure out what to eat and what to avoid. First up is sugar, and no, this doesn’t fall under the “what to eat” category. As you can probably imagine, sugar is not exactly good for us. It’s all about moderation…which is hard when so many foods are practically made up of a mixed cocktail of various artificial sugars and sweeteners. In fact, according to the committee, at least 13% of our daily calorie intake comes just from added sugars! Get ready to knock out a few candy bars or sugary drinks, cause that number needs to drop to at least 10% or less.

Drink up! (Image via Bloomberg)

Honestly, if you’re surprised by that information, then you’ve been living under a rock! But, this report wasn’t just all about what not to eat. Cholesterol is ok and so is milk. And, drum roll please…your coffee got pushed through with flying colors! That’s right, the committee says you can drink up to 5 cups of that sweet, sweet nectar without worrying about ill effects…of course, they’re talking black coffee. You can’t be adding creamers and sugars right after we said that’s what you need to cut out!

And here’s an added bonus for you. That coffee might even help to fend off some other nasty ailments like heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Obviously, coffee is not exactly a treatment of any kind but if it helps instead of hurts, might as well drink up!

(Story via Mashable)

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