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Is It A Projector or A Light Bulb?

We all love our technology, and it’s hard not to when it’s made life so much easier! With a few clicks and swipes, you’re browsing the Internet, connecting with friends, doing some work, and more. But, even that beautifully convenient technology has its downfalls. Aka, we’re not too fond of everyone crowding our personal bubbles so we can show them a new app we just downloaded.

Or, how about getting pasta sauce all over your tablet while trying to cook or having to stare at two separate screens while trying to play games with friends? The list could go on. Now, sure, there are already things out there meant to help, like Smart TVs, but we can’t really take those with us. We could try…but it would probably end in a broken back or a broken TV. Neither sound pleasant. So, how do we share content from our smart devices just about anywhere without crowding around a tiny screen?

Is it a light? Is it a projector? It's both! (Image via Wired)

The answer is Beam. Beam is basically a small-scale projector that can wirelessly connect to your smart device via Bluetooth. Alright, so far this sounds like every other piece of Bluetooth-enabled gadget out there. But, here’s what makes Beam special. You don’t have to rewire your house, you don’t have to install some fancy rigging, and you don’t even have to install a screen. Beam project images on just about any surface, think wall, floor, or even a table, and screws right into your light sockets!

Just like a regular light bulb, you just screw Beam into the socket and you’re done. Although it’s a fancy new projector, it acts more like an appliance upgrade rather than an entirely new appliance all together. Again, that’s because there’s no rewiring and you don’t even have to change your lighting layout. The Beam can still act like a light bulb when you need it! Then, once you’ve downloaded the companion app, you’re free to stream Netflix, check out your calendar, or even play games with friends using the projector element.

Wall? Table? Now they're all projector surfaces! (Image via Kickstarter)

So, let’s put this in a real-world situation, shall we? Imagine sitting at your kitchen table with the Beam installed in your light fixture overhead. During dinner, you’ve got the light shining down on your table, and after you can project your vacation photos, your schedule, that new website you really wanted to show your friend, or even a game. Install Beam over your counter, and you’re projecting a recipe without having to put your tablet in the danger zone of flying sauce.

But, here’s what else we like about Beam. They’ve taken into considering that you probably don’t want to stare down at a table all your life. That’s why Beam comes with a special power cord that lets you lay the protector flat, making it great for projecting movies on a wall. And, Beam even features an If-Then function within the app. This way you can give the Beam the rule of “If someone opens the Beam app, then play this personal video message”. Or, “If it’s 7 a.m., then wake me up with projection and sound”.

Imagine a "wash the dishes" message when someone gets home! (Image via Wired)

Currently, Beam is hosting a campaign on Kickstarter and things are already off to a good start! With 28 days still to go, they’ve already doubled their funding goal. But, fear not, there are still pledge levels available for those who want a Beam of their own. You will have to shell out $399, but we have to admit, it is still pretty cool even despite that price tag!

(Story via Wired)

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projector lamp hard not to when it’s made life so much easier! Good idea, agreed

August 16, 2016 | Unregistered Commentersunbowslamp

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