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The App That Gets You One Step Closer To The Past

If you wanted to learn about the past, you probably have some tried and true methods for getting information. There’s Google, of course, as well as relatives, pictures, and other documents you can track down. But, none of those really put you in the middle of history. Well…at least until we get Google Time Machine or something.

But, now there’s a way to connect with the past all by using high-tech gadgets of today. It’s through an app called Pivot, an augmented reality app that acts like your own personal window back into time. The way Pivot works is through special points in the app called, you guessed it, Pivot Points. Once you come across a point, you can click on it to learn more information about where you are to really get a sense of the history of the place.

Present, Past, Present, Past. (Image via Kickstarter)

To take it a step further, you can even hold up your phone or tablet to see an image from whatever vantage point your facing to get an idea of what that same area looked like 20, 30, maybe even 60 years ago. Basically, your iPhone is now your itty bitty time machine into the past!

As you can imagine, this whole project came about as a way to really hold onto the past and help preserve history. Just think about how much the world around you has changed in the past 10 years alone. Now add an extra 0 to that and you can only imagine the kind of history that’s just waiting to be discovered around you.

See how much things have changed over the years (Image via Kickstarter)

And, when you use the app, you can trust that everything’s accurate, historically speaking. All the photos and content that’s being uploaded is currently being collected by the Pivot team from various online archives around the world. A time-consuming project, as you can imagine. That’s why, when the app launches this fall, only Palestine and Boston will have Pivot Points, but that will quickly change to add other cities around the world.

Another change the creators hope to make is by adding a feature called “Shoebox Archiving”. The idea here is to encourage people to go through that old shoebox of photos and actually upload their own historic photos in order to create Pivot Points. Naturally, those photos will be checked for accuracy so you don’t get an old photo of the Eifel Tower in the middle of New York City.

Right now the app is finishing up a round of funding on Kickstarter, with just a little over 2 days left in their campaign. They’ve already exceeded their goal, but there are still some pledge rewards left if you’re interested in still helping fund the app. You can also go to their website to sign-up for notifications, or even sign up to become a potential beta tester.

(Story via Wired)

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