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Wednesday Wonder: The Brik Case

When it comes to personal electronics, we like to jazz things up! That plain silver design just isn’t doing it for us, so we go out and we buy special cases, put stickers all over the place, and generally just slap our personality on that shiny, new gadget any way we can. Now, cases are fine. Cases can be removed if you ever have to, say, take your laptop to work. Stickers…well, that’s a problem.

So, you’ve got your computer plus a need to decorate it and give it a little pizzazz, but yet you don’t want to spend five hours scraping off all that pizzazz before you go into the office. How do you give your computer a little personality then? The Brik Case!

If you’re an adult, but yet still a child at heart, then this case is literally the case of your dreams! Designed to fit the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, the case lets you decorate your laptop with none other than Lego Bricks! Simply clip the cover to your laptop, and start decorating away. Nothing is permanent, so you can always remove the case if need be, and naturally you can create as many Lego creations as your little mind can conjure up!

We guess your child can use it too. (Image via Kickstarter)

Even better, the case isn’t just limited to Legos. If it’s a plastic brick kids use to make impressive structures, then you can slap it on this case. Duplo, Mega Blox, PixelBlocks, and even some brick from Nintendo called the N&B blocks. They all work! Our imagination is practically running wild over here.

Alright, before our imagination runs away with us and we design 100 different case ideas, we better lay out the facts. This case isn’t going to work with every, single MacBook out there. The creators behind the case have functional prototypes for both the 15- and 13-inch MacBook Pros released since 2012, as well as the current 13- and 11-inch MacBook Air. If you have anything released before that, don’t weep too hard. There may be more options available, perhaps even cases for popular Windows laptops, if the Kickstarter page really manages to take off.

Everyone needs this. Everyone. (Image via Kickstarter)

And, from the looks of it, it’s already started to take off. With 23 days to go, the Brik Case has already managed to exceed its pledge goal of $30,000. Currently, the project at sitting at just over $40,000, with plenty of time to get that number even higher! And, there’s still a chance for you to help too. If you’d like a Brik Case of your own, you’ll need to pledge at least $35, which will get you the case, plus a Bag O’ Bricks with 100 bricks to get you started.

And, if you’re still not quite 100% certain if the case will fit your computer or not, check out their Kickstarter page. There’s a helpful FAQ section right at the bottom that will help you figure it out.

(Story via Wired)

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We really appreciate the support! We're reached our goal with 2 weeks to spare. Here come the stretch goals :)

April 9, 2015 | Unregistered CommenterBrett Miller

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