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Friday Video: Adorable Howling Session

When it comes to dogs…ok, really all animals…there always has to be that one alpha in the group. One of those animals will step up as the dominate one, pushing all the other animals around. And this little group of dogs is no different.

Mr. English Springer Spaniel decides he’s going to assert a little dominance over Mr. Husky, and at first, it seems like the Husky is just going to go along with it! Come on, it’s just a little play time, right? But, like humans, the Husky quickly decides that all that barking is just a little too much, so he’s going to beat the Spaniels at their own game.

First of all, this is the most adorable howling session we’ve seen! Nothing quite like a nice little trio of howling pooches. But really, we all know what the best part of this video is. After letting it go on for longer than most of us probably would have allowed, Mom finally decides to step in and end this little howling battle. All it takes is a “Come on” to get the dogs to look at her with a “who? Me!” face!


(Story via Mashable)

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