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Friday Video: What The Magician Sees

We love magic tricks. There’s no denying it. We’re fascinated by everything from slight of hand tricks to tricks so impressive we’re pretty sure they involve actual magic. Every time we see a trick, we try so hard to figure out just how the magician is doing it, but alas, the mystery remains just that - a mystery.

That’s why, when we saw this video by Magic Fergie, we got REALLY excited! We thought, “finally, we get to figure out just how these tricks are done.” Why did we think that? Because this isn’t someone just filming a magician, this is a trick being performed from the magician’s point of view. If we’re seeing what the magician is seeing, then we can definitely figure out how this trick is done! Right?

Wrong! We’re still just as baffled as we were before. HOW DO YOU DO THAT?! But…we guess if we actually knew the answer to that then it really wouldn’t be a trick after all. Fine. We’ll just live in disbelief, forever wondering just how magicians do what they do.

(Story via Gizmodo)

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