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Forget Gift Cards! This Is Your New Go-To Gift Giving

When it comes to gift-giving, we’re not all on top of our game. Half the time we wander around the store, wondering what someone might actually like, and then end up buying a gift card because it just seems easier. Why give them the hassle of having to exchange something and instead just give them the pleasure of a little shopping on you, right?

But, as we’ve probably realized, gift cards aren’t always the most thoughtful gift around. Surely you can put in a little more effort for your best friend’s birthday or Mother’s Day! Well, gift card buyers, we’ve got the answer to all your shopping woes.

The company Loop Commerce has come up with an alternative to check out at some of your favorite stores. Working with several big name stores and brands, think Macy’s, Urban Decay, and Lancome, you can simply place an order for a friend or family member without knowing anything more than their name and email. And you know what’s even better? You don’t even need to know the right size or color!

Why didn't someone think of this sooner? (Image via TechCrunch)

The way it works is actually pure genius. You go on your favorite website, select the product you want to buy for your friend, and then hit the “e-gift it” button instead of the typical “Add to Bag.” Once you’ve done that, you just put in their name and email, say who it’s from, and then decide when you want the gift email to go out. It can be sent within hours of placing your “order”, perfect for those last-minute shoppers, or you can set it for some date in the future. It’s up to you!

Size? Color? Doesn't even matter! (Image via TechCrunch)

And, once they get that email, that’s when the magic happens. Through that email, the recipient can make all those hard decisions you got to by-pass. They get to choose the color and size of whatever item you sent them, that way they get the black shoes in the correct size and not the neon green shoes two sizes too small. Plus, they even have more buying power than that! They can choose to swap out your gift for something more their style or they can even add additional items to buy along with your gift. Don’t worry, either way you only pay whatever amount you originally intended to pay. They can’t go on a shopping spree and leave you stranded with the bill!

Now, this is obviously that ultimate answer for your last minute shoppers, or for those who just aren’t confident in what they’re picking. And, as you can probably guess, the most common items purchased through the system are those that require a certain personal knowledge of the recipient. Think cosmetics, clothing, shoes, etc. Of course, even if we’re super duper close with someone, we still might pick out the wrong thing!

Right now, the company is still fairly new, but it is growing thanks to a new $16 million in funding! Hopefully that should mean an increase in the number of stores that offer this kind of convenience.

(Story via TechCrunch)

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