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Wednesday Wonder: The Fetch Apple Watch App

If you’re staying in a hotel and have a question or need to make some sort of request, you’d probably go to the concierge in order to get stuff done. They can give you directions, help get you reservations, and who knows what else! Well, how would you feel if you could carry that concierge around with you…on your watch?

It’s called the Fetch app, and you can truly think of it as your all-in-one, if you need it they can find it, concierge app. Need plane tickets? Done. Need to send flowers? Done! Really want pizza for dinner? You can even order that through the app too! It can pretty much do and find just about anything. You can even use it to ask a simple question like the weather forecast. And naturally, it’s just as easy to use as walking up to the concierge at a hotel.

This is even easier than Googling it! (Image via Tech Crunch)

The app on the watch allows you to speak your request, describing in detail what it is you need. Once you’re done, that request is then sent to one of 58 concierges who respond back with whatever it is you’re looking for. If you were looking for plane tickets, they send back your result and you can purchase tickets right there and then. If you’re using the app for other devices (it does work on iPhone, iPad, and Android), you can text your request or even send a picture of what it is you’re looking for. For example, a necklace your wife really wanted but you have NO IDEA where it comes from.

Now, for those of you wondering, Fetch does work anywhere in the US and it taps into whatever local businesses are in your area. What this means is that you can, presumably, still get that on-demand, delivered to you food without necessarily having some of those other businesses, like Grub Hub, available in your area.

You can pretty much ask for anything! (Image via Fetch)

And, here’s another nice little feature. The service is free! Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. Fetch won’t tack on $10 in fees for whatever it is your doing, so go ahead and ask them where you can find that shirt or use them to order a pizza just because you can. For those who maybe use the app more often or have more specialized requests, the service is hoping to launch a premium plan but we’re not quite sure what all that entails. That plan would have a fee, but there’s no word on what that is or what you get for that fee.

Like we said, the app isn’t just limited to the Apple Watch. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices, or you can even text “Fetch” (33824) with your question or request.

(Story via Tech Crunch)

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