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Dustpans Have Met Their Match

There are some cleaning tasks we can tolerate, and there are some that we just can’t stand to do! You might be ok washing the dishes, but you’d rather pay someone 50 bucks to go around and dust your house. But, while those various undesirable choirs may change from person to person, there’s one that probably rings true for all. We HATE having to use a dustpan.

This is 2015 yet we’re still using a dustpan on our hard floors!? We all know those things don’t work well. You can never get up all the dirt, you stand there in a weird hunched over position that makes you feel like you’ve got back problems, and it’s just plain messy. Thankfully, someone has finally caught on and created something we can all appreciate.

Sure, it's got an app, but what else? (Image via Kickstarter)

It’s called the Bruno, and it’s a smart garbage can. Yes, even garbage cans are getting in on the “smart” game. So, what makes it so smart? Well, first off, this garbage can actually has an app associated with it. That app can be used to notify you when the trash can is getting full (although we’re pretty sure we can see that with our eyes), it can be used to remind you that you’re getting low on trash bags, and it’ll even remind you of when it’s trash day! You can even send that notification to your significant other or your kids as a gentle “you better take that trash out before I get home” reminder.

IT. HAS. A. VACUUM! (Image via Gizmodo)

But while all those features may be cool, although perhaps slightly excessive and unnecessary, the true star of this show is the built in vacuum! Right at the base of the Bruno is a small slot that actually sucks up dust, dirt, or food crumbs that have littered your floor. Just sweep them up in front of the vacuum, and they’ll get sucked up directly into the trash bag. Pretty cool, right? Even as an adult, we sometimes spill more food on the floor than we get in our mouths, so we’re sure we could make good use of this feature!

However, here comes the real kicker. The Bruno will cost you at least $139, and that’s just the early bird pledge price on their Kickstarter campaign. Once that’s over, you’ll have to shell out $229 just to get your hands on one of these trash cans. That right there could buy you a whole army of dustpans!

The campaign does still have 34 days to go, so there is time to snatch up one of these bad boys if it really makes all your cleaning dreams come true. So far they’ve reached about one fourth of their funding goal, which is $50,000.

(Story via Gizmodo)

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