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Now Your Stove Is Getting A Smart Makeover

Cooking is something that we all have to do, although most of us are mere amateurs at best! Mac n cheese, spaghetti, hot dogs, we can whip all those up no problem. Start giving us recipes with crazy ingredients, crazy cook times, and a need to babysit the stove, well then we’ve got an issue.

So, we’re left with a few options. We either muddle through that complicated recipe, hoping we at least don’t give people food poisoning, we whip out the slow cooker, or we pick up the phone and dial everyone’s back up. Yes, we’d like a pepperoni pizza, please. Alright, clearly it’s time for a cooking intervention and that’s where this new Kickstarter project comes into play.

Your stove just got instantly smarter (Image via Mashable)

It’s called the Meld, and it’s about to make cooking a whole lot easier! The Meld is basically your smart stovetop babysitter. It works by monitoring the cooking process and ensuring that your burner stays at the ideal temperature, whether you’re slow cooking dinner or simmering a pot of soup for lunch. And, it does this using its three-part system: the Meld knob, the Meld Clip, and the app!

Alright, so there are a few parts to this system, but this is certainly nothing to be afraid of. The set up for this smart gadget couldn’t be any easier. Simply replace the knob on your stove for whatever burner you want to control with the Meld Knob. Once you start cooking, pop the clip onto your pot or pan and make sure it reaches down into the food or water like a regular cooking thermometer. Finally, you’ve got the app. We all know how to work an app, right? The app includes tons of recipes that are already set up to work with Meld. Or, if you just can’t give up grandma’s chicken noodle soup, you can go in and add your own personal recipes too. See, simple!

These are just SOME of the things you can make! (Image via Kickstarter)

So, what brought about the Meld’s creation? The creators basically wanted to build something people would use every day. Plus, they specially went looking for a home appliance that was literally the “dumbest” they could find. And really, when you think about it, they probably found it. The stove hasn’t been updated in years, and if you have a clock on your stove, it probably doesn’t even adjust itself for daylight savings time. Come on, stoves of the world, it’s time to join the 21st century!

Right now, Meld is hosting a campaign on Kickstarter with 29 days left to go. They’ve already managed to nearly double their funding goal, and it’s only bound to go up from here! But, if you’d like a Meld of your own, you’ve still got a chance. You can pledge $129 for one set (that includes the clip and the knob), or you can get one for you and a friend for $420. Either way, you’ll be saving some money off the retail price of $149.

Hopefully, the Meld should ship this fall, maybe even in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

(Story via Mashable)

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