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Finding The Perfect Palette Is As Easy As Hitting The Spacebar

(Image via Coolors)We’ve all experienced plenty of times where we’ve sat back and thought to ourselves, “do these two colors really go together?” Maybe it was while you were picking out an outfit for the day, maybe you were picking colors for a big event, maybe you were considering a change in décor for your home, or maybe you were trying to come up with some amazing design for work. No matter the reason, you’re no artist and couldn’t really say whether that color went with that.

So, to save yourself the embarrassment of paring two colors that only clash, there’s now a new tool that allows you to create a seemingly infinite number of color palettes, all with the mere click of the keyboard on your spacebar. It’s called Coolors, and it’s about to become your best friend.

So many possibilities! (Image via Wired)

The way it works is, again, as simple as hitting the spacebar. Using either your computer or the iOS app, you simply need to hit one button to randomly create a color palette. From there, you can either keep hitting the button to your heart’s content or you can actually lock certain colors that you really like so that you can create a custom palette. For example, you could lock the green that matches the green of that shirt you want to wear, and then keep hitting the spacebar until you see a combo that peaks your interest. And, if you’re so inclined, you can also adjust the HSB, RGB, and CMYK values of every color so you can achieve that perfect hue.

Who would have guessed all those colors go together! (Image via Coolors)

Now, let’s be honest, this isn’t the only color generator out there. There are plenty of other tools you can turn to that, in essence, do the same thing. However, Fabrizio Bianchi created Coolors not because there weren’t color generators out there, but because there were no generators that offered a happy medium. You either got super complicated, way too many options and customization generators, or you got overly simple generators that did you as much good as standing in front of those paint sample cards at the home improvement store. So VIOLA, a happy medium was born. Simple enough to operate with just a spacebar, but went still customizable so you could build that ideal palette.

As Bianchi puts it, the way the generator works allows for combos to form that are basically what a human might actually pick if there was no computer to help. The only difference then must be the fact that the computer works a lot faster than an indecisive human who has no idea what they’re doing.

The Coolors generator is available online, and is also available for download for iOS.

(Story via Wired)

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