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Kettles May Be Out Of A Job

Everyone enjoys a nice, hot cup of tea or coffee or hot chocolate or whatever other sort of beverage you like to drink. But, we suppose the thing we never really considered when it comes to those drinks is the energy we’re using to make that hot water. We just turn on the faucet, fill up the kettle, put it on the stove, and see how much Netflix we can watch before the kettle starts to whistle.

But, apparently, that’s exactly the problem. You see, when you use that kettle of yours, you’re actually wasting energy because you’re heating more water than you’re actually using, and we do have to agree. Like we said, there’s no measuring…just filling and heating! And, that’s why the Miito was born.

Now that's pretty cool (Image via Engadget)

You can basically think of Miito as your 21st century kettle. It’s designed to help heat the water you need without wasting energy. So, how does it work? Just fill up whatever cup or container you plan on using (make sure it’s iron-free) and then place it on the Miito platform. Once you’ve done that, you’ll place the heating rod inside the container and the liquid will heat via induction energy.

Look how easy it is! (Image via Kickstarter)

Really, the whole idea is that you’re only heating exactly what you need. You’re not waiting for an entire pot of water to boil, you’re just heating the cup you need for tea. Which, by the way, can heat up in 60 seconds, depending on what and how much you’re actually heating. But, just think of the possibilities! Heat water for tea, milk for hot chocolate, or even reheat that soup. Plus, this would probably make dorm living just a little easier. Trying to make tea in a microwave is a pain!

Water, milk, soup, baby food... you name it! (Image via Kickstarter)

We’ve got to say, this does sound like a pretty clever device. We’re all for quickly heating up those liquids without wasting a whole bunch of energy, but there’s a slight problem. The Miito will run you at least $120 in order to buy it and have it sent to the states. For that amount of money you could buy a kettle, a coffeemaker, and maybe even a microwave! But, of course, the whole idea is more about saving energy and surely that’s priceless, right?

Right now, the Miito is asking for funding on Kickstarter, with an overall goal of roughly $167,000. So far, they’ve raised almost $80,000 with 32 days left to go. Whether they’ll hit that amount or not…only time will tell.

(Story via Engadget)

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