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Walmart Is Ready To Take On Amazon

We love doing a little online shopping from time to time, but if there’s something we really need sooner rather than later, we’d rather make the trek out to the store itself. Sure, that means getting in our car, driving to the store, and wandering around for at least 30 minutes before walking out with our purchase…plus maybe a few impulse buys…in hand, but at least we didn’t pay shipping right?

Well, that’s where services like Amazon’s Prime come in handy. You pay a one-time fee for a year of service and suddenly you’re shopping online like you’re shopping at the store. BYE BYE, shipping costs!  The only problem with that is Prime costs $99 a year. If you’re a serial online shopper, it might be worth it, but others might not be so willing to bite the bullet. And that’s where Walmart comes in.

Walmart recently announced that they’ll be trying out a trial Unlimited Shipping plan for online orders. The shipping service would cost $50 a year, half that of Prime, and apply to more than a million products found on the Walmart website. Delivery is promised within 3 day or less, so this seems like the perfect way to nix the shipping costs while still effortlessly buying and/or restocking whatever it is you need without hitting up the store. To begin, the service will only be open to select customers via invitation only.

Who doesn't love free shipping!? (Image via Engadget)

Again, for right now, this service is only a trial. Obviously Amazon is already king in this particular market, so Walmart wants to test the waters. But, one thing we can probably say for certain is that if Walmart wants to join the unlimited shipping game, they better be willing to fork over some other perks. Hey, we might do more online shopping then the next guy, but we don’t know if we do enough to make $99 or even $50 worth it!

Now, as far as add-ons go, Amazon’s Prime already offers add-ons including free music and video streaming. Walmart, on the other hand, currently has no other offerings. But, the service was just announced so let’s not worry too much just yet. Walmart is apparently already considering including Vudu, their video steaming service, same-day grocery delivery, as well as other perks from various partners.

(Story via Mashable)

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