Friday Video: Iron Man Pancakes
Friday, May 15, 2015 at 11:30AM
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The weekend is finally here, which can only mean one thing. We can actually wake up whenever we want, lounge around in our pajamas for a while, and then casually eat whatever we want for breakfast! No granola bar as we rush out the door for us! Man, we’ve got so many breakfast possibilities. How will we choose?

We could go the oatmeal route or classic eggs and bacon or we could even do pancakes!! Ah yes, there’s no breakfast food quite like those round morsels of deliciousness. But, after seeing this video, standard pancakes might not cut it anymore!

That extraordinary piece of food art was created by math teacher Nathan Shields. Now, we may look at all those pancakes and think, man, I can’t even make regular pancakes without cooking them just a little too long, but according to Nathan, this is easy! All you need is batter, some cocoa powder for the different colors, and some sort of squeeze bottle. Of course, we assume some artistic talent might also be required, otherwise you’re just going to get a weird multi-colored pancake blob.

Although, it’s still pancakes, right? We probably wouldn’t complain.

(Story via Mashable)

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