Google’s Becoming Your Only One-Stop-Shop
Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 10:57AM
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Let’s face it. We probably turn to Google far more often in a day then you would think would be humanly possible. We turn to Google to find the weather, make a measurement conversion while we’re cooking, find reviews on that new big purchase we want to make, or check that weird rash that’s suddenly shown up on our arm.

We also turn to Google for shopping! Need to buy a new TV? Just type it into Google, see who sells it, and where you can get the most bang for your buck. The only problem with that system has been the number of clicks it takes for you to get from Google to the store selling that TV and finally to the shopping cart. Well, now Google is hoping to make that process simpler.

Within the next few weeks, when you go on Google to search for a product, you should start to see a Buy button next to certain results on that shopping page. For starters, that button will only appear on a small selection of searches and only next to paid search results, but hopefully that number will only grow.

Be on the lookout for that Buy button! (Image via Google)

So, what’s the big deal when it comes to a new button in Google? Basically, the whole idea is to simplify the shopping process. Clicking on an item on the Google shopping page only shuttles you to the product page on another website. From there, you have to try and navigate whatever sort of site that retailer has. It may be easy, it may be confusing, or it may be so difficult that you’d rather spend more just for less hassle! With Google’s Buy button, you only jump to one page – a page where you can customize your selection and add your shipping! It’s simple. It’s streamlined. And, you won’t be pulling out your hair in the process!

Now, don’t worry what it means to buy from the Google shopping page instead of going to the actual retailer’s site. You won’t be paying more and Google won’t be taking any sort of commission from the sale. Really, Google’s repayment is the fact that you’ve now spent more time on their site, rather than leaving and going to other sites!

Another reason Google is adding the Buy button is in an attempt to make a name for itself in the e-commerce business. Sure, Amazon may be king for now, but Google is hoping to become your one stop solution for EVERYTHING! Need a question answered? Google It. Want to know the score of that baseball game? Google It. Looking to do a little shopping? GOOGLE IT!

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