Wednesday Wonder: The Light Phone
Wednesday, May 20, 2015 at 11:30AM
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Let’s face it. We are all 100% obsessed with our phones! We freak out if it’s not with us, we’re constantly staring at the little screen, and the motion of scrolling has become as second nature as brushing our teeth. We even feel the urge to check that screen even when we know we shouldn’t like during a movie or while we’re sitting in traffic.

Yes, as wonderful as our phones might be, they’re nothing short of a distraction which is exactly why the Light Phone was born. Think of this phone as the first ever anti-phone. It’s like a blast from the past because the only thing it can do is make and receive calls! GASP! There’s no screen for gaming, no social media feeds, not even a camera. But, it’s not quite as last century as it sounds.

Bye, bye distractions (Image via Kickstarter)

This is the 21st century of all things “smart”, after all, so of course this phone is slightly more advanced than that flip phone you had in junior high. The phone is merely the size of a credit card, and can be slipped inside your wallet when you’re on the go. And, it works with your existing phone. Yes…the anti-phone needs a smartphone to work. Sort of.

The way the phone works is by connecting to your smartphone via an app. The app then allows any calls made to your smartphone to be forwarded straight to the Light Phone. Now, you can leave your phone at home, be free of the distractions of that little screen, but yet still be reachable in case someone really needs you. The phone/app can store up to 10 speed dial numbers, and the Light Phone itself works thanks to pre-paid minutes. Seriously, this is like past and present phones getting smashed together into one phone.

It's more than just a back-up phone! (Image via Kickstarter)

But, here’s the thing that makes this phone really intriguing. Yes, it can work with your smartphone, but the phone is actually a pre-paid GSM call phone that’s completely independent of your carrier. Again, it uses pre-paid minutes, has its own SIM card, and even has its own phone number. That means it can be the perfect back-up phone OR be the perfect first phone for your child! Now, you can get in touch with your teenager without worrying about what they’re doing on Snapchat or something.

It's time to disconnect (Image via Kickstarter)

The phone is currently running on Kickstarter with 37 days left in the campaign. Already they’ve raised over $145,000 of their $200,000 goal, which isn’t too surprising. It’s the perfect back-up, the perfect way to get away from distractions, and the perfect starter phone for kids!

If you’d like a Light Phone for yourself, it’ll cost you a pledge of $100.

(Story via Kickstarter)

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