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Fresh Roasted Coffee Beans Every Morning? Yes Please!

(Image via Kickstarter)We’re coffee addicts. We can’t start our day without at least one cup of coffee and we usually have at least 10 more cups throughout the day. Ok, maybe 10 is pushing it, but you get the idea. And, our favorite type of coffee is the fresh kind. We can just smell that aroma now! The only problem is a fresh bag of ground coffee only stays fresh for so long, and we lack the skills to roast our own beans at home!

That is until we found out about the Ikawa Home Roaster! Yes, coffee addicts everywhere, we have your new must-have coffee appliance. Basically, this roaster puts all the power in your hands. Roast beans just how you like them and enjoy fresh coffee practically every morning. Nothing beats the sound of that.

It's like watching coffee magic (Image via Kickstarter)

So, how does it work? As you’ve probably already guessed, this little roaster connects to an app on your smartphone. From there, you can select various recipes and as well as choose the roasting duration, temperature, and airflow to create that perfect, uniquely you roast to help put a pep in your step every morning.

Now that's a smart looking coffee roaster (Image via Mashable)

But, here’s the truly best part. Depending on just how dark you like your roast, the process in the Ikawa only takes between 3 to 10 minutes start to finish. Most traditional roasters take roughly 15 minutes, and don’t have an app that makes the whole process a whole lot easier too! Once the roaster is all done, it’ll even bottle up your fresh ground coffee. There’s a collection jar on the bottom where the coffee is collected and where it eventually cools.

Now naturally, this device was created by someone who grew up in the coffee world. Founder Andrew Stordy’s dad was an agriculturalist working to help coffee farmers improve their practices. And, you can imagine when you grow up so close to fresh coffee like that, well, those store-bought bags just don’t quite cut it!

We'll take a fresh cup, please! (Image via Mashable)

Alright, coffee lovers, now that you’ve been thoroughly sucked in, it’s time to drop the price bomb. Once this roaster actually hits the retail market, you better be willing to shell out $1,180! That’s a steep price tag for fresh roasted beans. But, perhaps there’s a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. Right now, you can get a roaster on Kickstarter for a pledge of $767. Still not cheap, but it’s still a savings, right?

(Story via Mashable)

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