It’s Time To Dust Off Those Solitaire Skills
Saturday, May 23, 2015 at 02:00PM
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Listen, everyone has done it. You’re sitting at your desk, there’s a lull in work or you just need to give your brain a rest for a while, so you move that cursor over until it’s hovering above the solitaire button. Did you click? Do you play a quick little game, just for a refresh of the old brain? Of course you do! 45 minutes later, you realize it’s probably time to get back to work.

 But, don’t feel ashamed of your solitaire habit because now you can put it to good use! This year, Microsoft’s Solitaire is turning the big 2-5 which naturally means it’s time for a celebration. Except, this celebration won’t have cake or balloons. In fact, Solitaire doesn’t even want any presents. To celebrate the game’s anniversary, Microsoft will be holding a GLOBAL solitaire tournament in order to find the best of the best players around.

The tournament will officially begin Monday amongst the Microsoft employees. Once they’ve whittled down their own numbers, it’ll be your turn! On Monday June 5th, players just like you will take on those Microsoft employees in a battle that’s not for the faint of heart. Ok…that’s dramatic. It is only a card game, after all. However, that day, you will be able to compete in one of five modes of the game including FreeCell, Spider, TriPeaks, Pyramid, and the classic Klondike.

Now, here’s what were not actually sure of. We know it’s being hosted within the game, and you can pick from 5 different modes, but beyond that…we’ve got no clue what’s going on. How do they pick a winner? Will there be a prize? Is this just one giant way to waste time masked by the idea that you’re playing an official solitaire tournament? We. Don’t. Know! But hey, it should be fun either way, right?

So then, why the big tournament in the first place? Probably to make everyone aware of solitaire’s amazing comeback on Windows 10. Unlike Windows 8 which required you to actually feed your habit by downloading the game, Windows 10 will have solitaire pre-loaded. You’ll have no choice but to see that icon and “accidentally” click on it.

Well…it’s open now…might as well play one game!

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