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A Must Follow For All Star Wars Fans

If you’ve been on the Internet today for even all of 5 seconds, you’ve probably been assaulted with more images and Star Wars puns then you care to ever see in your entire life…or at least until the new movie comes out. But, today is “May The Fourth Be With You Day” so those puns won’t be ending anytime soon.

But, let’s be honest with ourselves. Yes, we shall make all the puns we can because we’re punny and that’s just how we roll, but today is about more than that! Today is about celebrating that much loved film series about a galaxy far, far away. And, what better way to celebrate then by sharing with you a must follow for your social media life.

For those of you who aren’t aware, Star Wars has its own official Instagram that will let you bask in the sheer incredible-ness that is this movie franchise. It’s 1 million followers strong and the perfect thing to follow today of all days!

 So, what exactly will be popping up on your feed once you hit that little follow button? If it’s Star Wars related, you’ll probably find it. Behind-the-scenes pictures, props, artwork, fan photos…you name it, and it’s probably on there. It’s a regular treasure trove of memories, headed up by Matt Martin, the manager of Digital Content and Community Relations.

Martin is the one who actually curates the feed, deciding just what to post for fans like yourself. In fact, it’s his job to dig through an archive of behind-the-scenes content that any Star Wars fan would probably kill to get their hands on! Seriously, who wouldn’t want to dig through that collection? And, naturally, digging through such a collection does unearth some rather interesting information. Like, did you know there were more miniature models created for just one of the prequel movies then for all the original Star Wars films combined?  Wrap your digital brain around that one!

Now, all the history and behind-the-scenes is fun, but we all have a pressing question on our minds. Will there be sneak peeks of the new movie?! Just like everything in the Star Wars universe, Martin’s message is cryptic and unclear, “Always in motion is the future of the @StarWars Instagram.” So…can we take that as a yes?

(Story and Images via Wired)

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