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Say Thank You To Those Who Protect Our Country

Remember back to grade school when you would celebrate Memorial Day? You probably had American flags all over the place, maybe some sort of show and tell where you’d talk about family members who fought or were still fighting, and then you’d sit down to pen a letter to a current military member.

Well, times have changed, haven’t they? First, the idea of a handwritten note seems almost…medieval. It gives us warm, bubbly feelings of nostalgia just thinking about it. And second, we don’t quite take the time to thank those enlisted quite like we should, and that’s exactly why KIND snacks is hoping to change that with a little help from social media.

Partnering with a robot-printing tech startup called Bond, KIND will be transforming actual tweets into thank you notes for the military in honor of Military Appreciation Month. But, don’t think these will just be typed notes they’re going to send out! Bond’s robots are actual handwriting robots, meaning they can write out your letter just like an actual human, pen and all!

In fact, the robots can use more than 1000 randomly chosen penmanship styles, which helps make each note look different and not like they were mass produced and shipped all over the world. And, of course, each note will be different because they’re coming directly from you! Just use the hashtag #thankskindly, and the company will transcribe your tweet into a note.

That’s also not all that will happen with each tweet that gets sent. For every tweet using that special hashtag through the month of May, KIND will donate $1 to Cell Phones for Soldiers, a program that helps to provide free communication services to military members.

The program just launched this Friday, and so far the campaign has raised about $500 thanks to tweets and status updates on both Facebook and Twitter. The goal is to see more than 10,000 tweets and updates by May 31st, for a donation of $10,000!

If you’d like to send your own note, just tweet your message using the hashtag #thankskindly. Or, you can go here to donate directly to Cell Phones for Soldiers.

(Story via Mashable)

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