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Wednesday Wonder: Paribus

We’ve all done a little online shopping at least once in our lives. How can you resist the temptation of buying that cart full of goods while you sit in bed in your pjs? Plus, they’re getting delivered straight to your door! That’s called a win-win. But, here’s the problem with online shopping. The price you see today might not be the price tomorrow.

Yes, unlike your standard 4 walls and a ceiling stores, online shopping sites tend to adjust their price more often than you would think. In fact, Amazon changes almost 80 million prices per day! So, those shoes you bought for $50 today might only be $40 tomorrow. Now, most of us might think “well, guess there’s not much we can do about that,” but that’s where you’re wrong.

You see, most stores have policies in place to get you back that money you could have saved, but it’s not exactly going to be easy. Every store has a different policy and different hurtles to jump through. And that’s exactly where Paribus comes in. Paribus is a brand new site designed to help you get your money back.

Why yes, we would like money back! (Image via Tech Crunch)

What Paribus does is track your online shopping purchases and track any changes that might occur. If a price happens to drop below what you paid, Paribus will then actually do all the legwork for you, following the policies of whatever store you bought from in order to file a claim on your behalf.  And, all you have to do is authenticate Paribus through your email provider. Once you’ve done that, the whole system becomes a “set it and forget it” type of system. Paribus will actually look through your emails for receipts and do all the hard work for you. You just get to wake up to fun surprises of money back in your bank account!

Oh, and here’s another fun thing Paribus can do. It can even tell when you missed a coupon or promo code and file a claim with the company to get that money back as well. Now you’re basically covered for just about any money-saving scenario out there!

Target? Amazon? Macys? Sign us up! (Image via Paribus)

Pretty cool, right? Now, of course, this site did just launch so you’re not going to find savings on every little store you shop at. However, Paribus is able to work its magic with roughly 18 different retailers, including some big names like Best Buy, Amazon, Target, and Walmart. And, one other thing that’s important to note is the “cost”. The service itself is free, you don’t have to pay any sort of fees or pay for a membership, however Paribus will take 25% commission on any savings it finds you. Considering the fact that you’re still getting your stuff that you wanted in the first place AND money back, it might be a small price to pay.

Right now, the site is only available in a desktop format, however, is optimized for mobile. A stand-alone app should be available sometime this summer.

(Story via Tech Crunch

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