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Now This Is How We Should Track Food

There are plenty of apps and gadgets out there designed to help us be and stay healthy. But, when it comes to those food diary apps, there always seems to be one little problem. The app doesn’t just do it for you! You have to remember to actually open that app and log your food. Not only that, you actually have to remember what and how much you ate. That right there is sometimes no small feat.

And, let’s be honest with ourselves. Who hasn’t used one of those apps and perhaps conveniently forget that chocolate you ate after lunch. Or, maybe when you added in all the food you ate a lunch, you just sort of rounded your quantities…down. It’ll all balance out in the end, right? But, we all know that’s the problem right there! The app can’t know what you’re eating unless you tell it, and unless you tell it that right amounts, well…it’s probably not going to do what you wanted it to do in the first place. So, to keep you honest, maybe you need to start eating off of this plate instead.

SCIENCE! (Image via Kickstarter)

Currently running on Kickstarter is a new smart gadget that seems like it should have been around years ago! It’s called the SmartPlate, and it’s a plate that actually analyzes what you eat because it can see and sense what you’ve got on your plate. That’s because it’s built with three digital cameras, high-tech image recognition software, plus sensors that can weigh your food. All that combined equals a plate that can actually see what you’re eating, and just how much of it! Sorry, no more fibbing for you.

And, when we say the plate can actually sense what you’re eating, we’re not talking in some general “oh, you’re eating bread” type of way. We mean in a “you’re eating whole grain bread” way. That’s right. The software is so advanced that in can tell if you’re eating white rice vs. brown rice or whole grain bread vs. white bread. Crazy, right?

Food. Exercise. It's all right here (Image via Kickstarter)

Now, as you can imagine, the plate also integrates with an app for your phone, which can also be connected to your various other devices (think FitBits and that sort of thing). What’s great about that is the fact that all your health information is pretty much just getting added for you. All you have to do is check in on your progress. But, we’re sure the app can even do that for you!

Right now, the SmartPlate is raising funding via Kickstarter, with 45 days left in its campaign. Currently, the plate has received a little over $17,000 of its $100,000 goal. If you’d like a plate of your own, you can currently nab one in the color of your choosing for $99.

 (Story via Mashable)

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